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This month, we’re getting down with Venus… the planet that rules things like love, beauty, value — that’s value in the enoughness sense, the monetary sense, and the principles you live by — and of course this covers all the ways we see those things in others and in ourselves.

We’re gonna look at what house Venus was in when you were born. (If you’re in Aligned Advantage, you know we’re also looking at what *sign* Venus landed in, in your birth chart, and what it all means!)

Here’s how to figure out where Venus was when you were born: Do your chart at a site like Astro (choose natal chart under free horoscopes) and in that cool wheel o’ YOU, look for a symbol that looks like the female symbol. Like this:

venus symbol
Click to enbiggen.

As usual, I offer up my chart as an example. Take a look at the numbers closest in on the wheel, running counter-clockwise from 1 to 12. These are the houses.

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
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Using this as a guide, you can see my Venus right up there in the 11th house when I was born.

Once you’ve found the house Venus was in when *you* were born, use this guide to help you discern what this means about the way you interpret value, beauty, and love in your daily life.

Born with Venus in the 1st house? You’re so good-looking. Ah, in addition to being absolutely lovely to look at, you also are quite charming. You can win anyone over (and may sometimes choose to do whatever it takes to stay in good favor with someone rather than saying what you really feel). Relationships are important to you and you put a lot into them. You’re magnetic. Enjoy it!

Born with Venus in the 2nd house? You’re simply gifted. Y’know that love language of receiving gifts? That’s you and you think it’s everyone else too. You’re not extravagant but you are all about the value of things. They’ve gotta feel good, look great, be well-made — and that goes for your relationships too. You’ll patiently invest in the long-haul, whether that’s people or things.

Born with Venus in the 3rd house? Lie to me! Oh, you aren’t always twisting the truth but you chat it up so much in the name of love that you sometimes lose track of what you said when and to whom. It’s all because you are turned on by the mind and yours is quick where love and value are concerned. Words of affirmation would be your love language, most likely.

Born with Venus in the 4th house? Parent trap. Let’s hope your parents had a really good marriage because you’re deeply impacted by their relationship, when it comes to how you value yours. You don’t give out access to your heart easily, but when you DO, it’s a deep, long-lasting love. You’re all about making a home out of what you value and a feeling of safety comes first. Learn to provide that for yourself if you can!

Born with Venus in the 5th house? Let’s play house! You are so sweet and fun and always having a blast when it comes to love and money… and you’re stressed when it’s NOT fun for you. You bring the joy of play and a childhood glee to your relationships and you’re an expert when it comes to flirting. Keep the friskiness in place and you’ll thrive!

Born with Venus in the 6th house? Devotion is in the details. Oh boy do you combine acts of service *and* quality time to create a double-whammy of love for your person. You’re creative about putting in the work to make sure it’s clear how very much you care. Value is demonstrated, and you may feel you have to work really hard for your money (you don’t). You’re incredibly practical. Try having a wee bit more fun?

Born with Venus in the 7th house? Magnetic attraction. Your charm really pulls people in and when you find your person, you are stuck like magnets (and you love all of that physical touch). You’re a bit rudderless without a partner so you may pair up early in life thinking that’s your only shot and then later realize you had so much more growing up to do.

Born with Venus in the 8th house? Beauty in the broken. Y’know those people who just attract drama? Yeah, that’s you. Because if it’s not IN your relationships already, you’ll be sure to start something just to be sure the intensity of your feelings has an outlet. You could be a bit on the kinky side and maybe even make a business out of things other folks would consider taboo. You’re the jealous type, so people are either turned on by your need for possession or they’re way turned off by the control.

Born with Venus in the 9th house? Free love. Ooh, you are such an explorer when it comes to what you love and value! This can sometimes mean you have a bit of FOMO even if you’re in a great job or relationship — always wondering what you could be experiencing elsewhere. You’re adventurous and willing to explore and sample all sorts of new things, and open relationships or freelancing may feel just fine to you.

Born with Venus in the 10th house? Status symbol. You may be described as in love with your career — maybe even married to it. And you really don’t mind. You’re strong, committed, and willing to put in the work to bring proof to the value you set (whether in pricing or in what it takes to win your heart). You probably have a fanbase. Enjoy it!

Born with Venus in the 11th house? If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get with my friends! In fact, you build your best relationships out of friendships and you stay friends with your past partners. You like things to be a little nontraditional when it comes to how you want your love or money (or both) to show up.

Born with Venus in the 12th house? (Remember, the 12th house is all about your undoing.) Boundaries, mysteries, and loss of self. You could find it very hard to separate yourself from those you love and from those with whom you do business. The lines all blur for you and you’d pretty much give anything for love to work out. What makes YOU happy may be tough to figure out since you lose yourself so easily. What can I say? You’re a bit of a mystery!

Now, of course, we’re not even *talking* about what SIGN these planets were in, when you were born, which adds another layer on top of all of it. But for now, you’ve got a start and you can join us to go deeper either in the comments at the dojo as we continue to jam about our July topic of Your Relationship with Permission or in the Aligned Advantage membership, where we’ll go deep on this during our Zoom.

Speaking of Zooms… if you haven’t already done so, head over to the dojo to register for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind for July! The permission we give ourselves to go deep with this work is more important than ever!

All my love,

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