Wondering how to enjoy all this FIRE that is Venus in Leo? Ready to use the reflective energy of the Venus retrograde to upgrade your enoughness? Already feeling the SUMMER OF STRUT?

Okay, y’all! LET’S GO!

Venus in Leo by solelunastro
solelunastro = the best memes

So, there’s the Venus of it all. The Venus in Leo of it all. And the Venus retrograde in Leo of it all.

Oh, and then there’s also the Venus retrograde in Leo in the Xth HOUSE of it all on top of that. 😉 (Not sure what HOUSE your natal Venus is in? Check out my free on-demand mini-course: What Your Birthday Says About You.)

There’s all of this PLUS considerations of aspects that are being created between transiting Venus and your natal placement. (Maybe Venus is your Chart Ruler AND it’s your Venus Return during this #HotWitchSummer, like it is mine?!?)

Further, of course, is whether you’re in a Venus-ruled year by annual profection! Or maybe, in your Solar Return chart, Venus has become your Chart Ruler, and, and, and… I love this so much! 😉

With so many possibilities and so much layering out there, let’s JUST look at the basics of:
~ what Venus means
~ what Venus in Leo means
~ what Venus retrograde means


Put simply, VENUS represents love, money, and enoughness. She’s how we receive. How we’re magnetic for the exchange of value-for-value.

So, anytime we’re doing Chart Harmony with Venus, we’re fortifying our enoughness and allowing ourselves to receive fully. Unapologetically.

collage of Venus the planet, Leo the constellation, astrological charts, a seashell, and a statue of Venus blissfully lounging
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VENUS in LEO is gregarious, effusive, loving, affectionate, generous, and happy to bask in the spotlight, allowing EVERYONE to rain goodies upon her. It is her birthright to receive all life’s riches in love and money and everything in between. Venus in Leo is all the love languages. All the sacred money archetypes. A true star.

Any planet showcasing its RETROGRADE illusion is giving us an opportunity to turn inward and examine how well-connected we are with that planet’s mission and purpose. It’s a time for asking questions about why we are the way we are when it comes to that planet’s territory.

So, for VENUS RETROGRADE, it’s: Why do we love this way? Why do we have this relationship with money? Why do we attract this type of person or job or opportunity to check our enoughness so often? What WITHIN needs a makeover and can we use this retrograde period to do that work?

(Heads up! Venus retrograde in particular also changes our TASTE in love and money; watch exes show up in the DMs and don’t over-invest in things you won’t find as attractive after Venus goes direct.) 😉

Venus Chart Harmony is both GREEN and PINK.

So, GREEN activities include buying ourselves flowers, getting a makeover (be careful of this during the retrograde — dying or cutting your hair or getting a piercing or tattoo could become a regret later; go with non-permanent makeover territory), going for a massage, taking a fragrant bubble bath, dressing up to go out on a date all by yourself, treating yourself to the yummiest goodies (always presented beautifully), taking a nap, breaking open the piggy bank, tossing coins in a fountain and making a wish.

(See more of my GREEN Chart Harmony ideas in this free article — Venus Planetary Remediation: It’s Safe to Receive.)

PINK activities include speaking up, talking things out, hosting or being interviewed on a podcast, writing up your ideas and thoughts and sharing them in some beautifully-presented way, going dancing, taking yourself on an artist’s date, being the subject of an artist’s portrait or photograph or painting, showing up on social media, getting caffeinated and multitasking without apology for leaving some things undone.

(See more of my PINK Chart Harmony ideas in this free article — Mercury Planetary Remediation: To Change Is To…. Yes, I know it’s says “Mercury.” Trust me, wouldja?)

As for me? I like honoring Venus on Fridays (Venus’ day) and Mondays after dark (Moon’s day… but after the Sun sets, Venus is highlighted), any day during Venus’ hour, or whenever I’m tugged to pay attention to my Venus due to transit, progression, or profection (among other things). Asking her to really show me how it feels to love unconditionally is one of my favorite convos.

Sometimes, that’ll put into my feed or awareness or whatever I’m using as a lens at the moment someone doing something that causes me to feel envious or aware that there’s no way I could do that (because of my age or size or gender or lack of access to resources or whatever). I take that as an opportunity to remind myself that this is exactly what I asked of Venus. “SHOW ME WHAT IT IS TO RECEIVE UNCONDITIONALLY AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY.”

The friction in that is exactly what these opportunities allow us to smooth out and soothe. Cool, huh?

How will you honor Venus in Leo as she performs her retrograde illusion July 22nd to September 3rd? Need my help coming up with some ideas? Pop your comments in below or head over to our Discord server to jam with the whole community! For ongoing support, my Live Your Chart membership is what you’re looking for.

All my Venus-in-Leo love,

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