When July Comes the 11th

I grew up hearing that I loved to tell people, when asked, “How old are you?” “When July comes the 11th, I’ll be…” rather than doing the standard, “I’m freeeeee,” “I’m four years old,” or “I’m THIS many!”
I think that’s great! I love that I love my birthday. And I love that I’m the only person I know with this birthday. I know TEN different people born on January 28th. TEN. Is that karma, or what? And I have LIVED with TWO different people born on March 3rd! What does this tell you? I know so many people with the same birthdays… and I have never met another 7-11 baby. Yes, I know OF them (Suzanne Vega and Peter Gabriel, for two examples), but we’ve never met.
So far, today has been grand. Having an absolutely delightful birthday. Very quiet and warm. I have lots of Roxbury work to do today, so that will be my main focus, and then back to packing. I know… big party birthday, but I guess 34 isn’t the party-animal-age we all heard it was. Tee hee.
Oh, speaking of party-animal-age… Keith and I were driving recently and heard on the radio that you could call in and win a year’s worth of free passes to the live “Star Lounge” recording sessions (sort of an Unplugged thing). This is a huge deal and everyone’s really excited about it. My comment, “There was a time when I would’ve been all over that. That time is sooooo nowhere near today.”
Heh heh. I’m old.
We’re running out of “staging area” space for packing. Ack! But we learned that Faith is 100% out of her place already, so we should be able to start moving things over within a week to ten days. Very excited! Of course, I’ll be in Marina del Rey, pet-sitting, but I’m SURE Keith will do a good job with all the heavy lifting. Ha ha.
Thank you to everyone who is making this birthday so incredibly special. Seriously; I have gotten the most heartfelt, wonderful, dazzling messages, cards, and emails this year. Everyone is making my special day (who are we kidding? I celebrate the whole month… duh!) really fantastic. THANK YOU for being in my life. I am truly blessed!

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  1. Debra July 11, 2004 at 7:55 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most incredible women I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing!!! May all of your wishes and dreams come forever true!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Joni July 11, 2004 at 9:31 pm

    Happy Birthday sweetie. I remember it like it was yesterday – sitting in the snack shop over at South Fulton Hospital with Steve while Mom and Dad went up to see you. I was too young to be allowed on the maternity floor 🙁