Over at our awesome Chart Harmony Discord, I get asked questions. Recently, one of ’em was about which of the various astrological components out there is most important, or most “weighted” when it comes to trying to schedule something. (Like a haircut? I gotchuu covered with that one here.)

This convo was specifically about how to use the plan•it planner to determine which days are best for a meeting, for holding a workshop, for connecting one-on-one… basically, all the stuff we do in running our creative businesses, right? So, here’s my answer, brought to you by my Mars conjunct Mercury in the 10th house! (SO MANY WORDS)

In the plan•it planner, I recommend you start learning whether it’s the numerology of the day, the sign the Moon is in, or the planetary day of the week that tends to affect you the most. Because they’re all part of how every day is going to feel… and that’s before we even begin to layer in what phase the Moon is in, what transits are going on out there, and then the layer after that is how YOUR CHART is lining up with all the things going on, right?

If you’ve learned by observation for a few months that you get really sleepy during Water Moons, for example, then you’d want to avoid those for your workshop dates, even if they happen during a Mars day or the Sun’s day or during numerology 1 or 8. AND you’ve gotta remember, it’s not just YOU you’re considering!! If you get sleepy during Water Moons — and your participants do too — you may really have a sluggish workshop experience together. Oof!

Obvi, there’s no way to control for everything, and that’s why I don’t see any of this as control-based in the first place! 😉 Instead, it’s “Which days have the woo weather that makes it likely that I can tap into my own magic with ease vs. the woo weather that will have me feeling a little more resistance, energetically?” and after I find the 8-12 days each month that are gonna be GREAT for me, I then go through and find which, of those, will line up with the admin of renting the space and holding the event, etc.

And if none of my best days of the upcoming month are going to work with the logistics of it all, I then look at which days work THAT WAY and choose the least-sucky woo combo from those options. AND, even if I have to choose a sucky option, at least I know what sorts of Chart Harmony remedies I can to do help me not feel as stressed out by the combo of energy happening.

This, BTW, is why I have zero appointments available on Mondays. I also hold no Zooms for various monthly membership meetings on Mondays. That’s an easy NO in my life. It’s the Moon’s day and I definitely feel that. (You can see when I tend to schedule things here.)

Sure, some Mondays could have enough Fire in them (like a Leo Moon and a 3 numerology, for example) that I could try to make it work… but why? I have enough non-Monday options available already.

That’s something I learned by doing the exact kind of data-gathering I suggest you do for a month or two, using your plan•it planner to help you track exactly what the woo weather is doing in YOUR life. NOTICE which combos of energy make the most difference to you. Then set up your business and life to support what you know works best!

Lemmeknow if you have follow-up questions. Comments are open below!

Much love,

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