As a part of our whole overhauling-all-the-systems thing, I’ve learned how to redesign parts of our web environment using dang TEMPLATES in Canva! 😮 Most recently, I whipped up the info page for our Expansive Capacity mastermind (see it for yourself). When we crossed the 5-year mark with this mind-body/enoughness exploration, I decided it was time to codify our most-loved/most-used tools.

What does that even MEAN, right?!?

infographic of Expansive Capacity big-picture tools

Well, during the last meeting of our 5th year since entering beta (that’d be our November 2023 Zoom), we brainstormed the tools that would go into some sort of official Expansive Capacity toolbox. The above is one of the infographics that resulted from that process.

What I want to share today is the top item: the Energetic Load.

Everything — and I do mean everything — has weight to it. Whether it’s a quick hello to a neighbor or covering someone else’s shift at the jobby-job, there’s an Energetic Load we will carry by engaging in the experience. And one of the things we neglect doing in life is budgeting for Energetic Loads that require a bit of recovery!

Here’s what’s fun: Once we know to look for anything’s Energetic Load, we begin to get a bit more protective of the time, effort, and overall cost of doing things. Sure, some stuff we just have to do. No matter how big a nap you need after talking to that particular relative that calls every now and then, you’re gonna have to take that call.

But now that you’re looking at your life through the lens of the Energetic Load, you can be sure to budget for that damn nap! And that keeps you from cascading the exhaustion into things you really LOVE doing (yes, those things have an Energetic Load too).

So, I’ll ask you now: Where can you use the concept of the Energetic Load to create more space and grace in your life? Will you practice this with me today? I’d love to hear about it! Comments are open below!

Thanks for reading. There’s an Energetic Load to that too. 🌸 I’m sending a Venus-in-Taurus overload of love and beauty your way.

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  1. La Trice April 30, 2024 at 11:53 am

    I absolutely LOVE this! ❤️ Just the quick “pick-me-up” about energetic load I needed. Especially while, still, going through this whole phone thing. I’m literally click-traumatized now! 😂😂 But knowing that this is just another energetic load I’m carrying, and that I can manage it, gives me choices. And that lessens the weight of said load. Thanks so much, Bonnie!!
    PS I’m also LOVING the new emails! So stylish and fun to read! 💕🌸

    1. Bonnie Gillespie April 30, 2024 at 12:13 pm

      Oh, goodie! Yeah, I totally get that click-trauma. It’s REAL!! (Sadlarious, right?) For sure, when I consider that *I* get to determine my overall Energetic Load, I can begin to release some of the extra weight I’m carrying. Slowly, though. I mean… if you get me on the right day, I’m still absolutely BROKEN over all the data lost. So, allow yourself those feelings. AND release some of the weight of it all too.

      THANK YOU for the feedback about the emails, La Trice! I’m having so much fun building them and it makes me very happy to know they’re landing and being read with love too. XO


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