Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, aligned ones!

Let’s check out the chakras! 🙂

So this month is all about Your Relationship with Your Intuition and so much of this centers around where — in your body — you may be picking up signals. To be sure we’re maximizing what might already be flowing through us and to us, we’re gonna do a roundup of the chakras, top to bottom, so if there’s a block or overactivity, we can get that balanced for better intuitive flow!

Of course we’ll explore all the ways we can amp up our “gut feelings” during our monthly Zoom sesh (you’ve registered, right? Be sure to hit the DOJO to do that now if you’ve not yet made it happen), but ’til then, let’s get aligned!

Crown Chakra

Top of head. Violet to white. Inspiration and creative connection to a universal or cosmic purpose. When blocked, ego is over-involved and impostor syndrome is in play. Watch for depression and cloudy thoughts. When excessive, we can become ungrounded and judgmental. When balanced, we’re aware, wise, understanding, and connected to source. Its lesson is self-knowledge.

Third Eye Chakra

Brow (forehead, pineal, pituitary). Indigo. Ability to trust insight for the big vision and to manifest imagined realities. When blocked, illusion can take focus, we can’t see beyond what is, and overwhelm is likely. When excessive, our boundaries suffer. We may obsess and have nightmares. When balanced, we’re imaginative, have clarity, and our intuition is keen. Its lesson is self-reflection.

Throat Chakra

Throat (mouth, ears, hands, thyroid). Blue. Confidence in our truth, in allowing our authentic voice. When blocked, inauthentic messages weave themselves into our words or our inner critic overrides our voice. We’re misunderstood. We don’t listen. When excessive, we over-explain, we’re opinionated, we’re harsh. When balanced, we’re confident, creative, diplomatic communicators. Its lesson is self-expression.

Heart Chakra

Heart (lungs, arms, thymus). Green. Creative decisions connected to what we love doing, actually putting in the work. When blocked, walls go up due to unresolved grief and procrastination can easily set in. We can turn bitter and mistrustful. When excessive, we’re clingy, jealous, or self-sacrificing. When balanced, we’re tolerant, compassionate, warm, and open. Its lesson is self-acceptance.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar plexus (adrenals, pancreas). Yellow. The willingness to put ourselves out there and share our gifts with confidence. When blocked, shame is showing up, sometimes in the form of worthlessness that makes us stagnate from low self-esteem. When excessive, we feel anxious, power hungry, perfectionistic. When balanced, we’re confident in our enoughness and not frightened by our drive. Its lesson is self-concept.

Sacral Chakra

Pelvis, low back (abdomen, ovaries, prostate). Orange. Nurturing our creativity so it may fully grow, publicly. When blocked, there’s confusion and guilt over experiencing pleasure to this degree. We lack intimacy and feel isolated. When excessive, we may be manipulative, overly emotional, distracted by passion. When balanced, we’re creative, optimistic, and passionate. Its lesson is self-gratification.

Root Chakra

Base of spine (legs, bones, immune system). Red. Expression of any repressed emotions specifically relating to survival instincts, leaving us grounded. When blocked, conquering primal fear is the work, especially before doubt sets in and takes root. When excessive, we’re materialistic, aggressive, and prone to exhaustion due to working so much. When balanced, we’re centered, grounded, secure. Its lesson is self-preservation.

Woo HOO!

Your work: Take a moment and sit still, breathing deeply. Check in with where you may feel ease and flow. Where might you feel tension and stiffness. As you imagine energy flowing through your body, from crown chakra to root, see if you can explore the color changes and any shift in temperature or texture of energy. Any place that feels emotionally charged, make note of this. Journal about it. Share in the comments at the dojo!

In our monthly Zoom, we’ll dive into ways to boost or balance chakra energy so as to provide the clearest channel for any intuitive messages that are flowing our way at any time. Of course, there are so many fun ways to tune into all of this. For now, keep exploring how you’re “picking up on things” throughout the day.

Remember, comments flow in the dojo ’til this month’s Zoom (and beyond). ’til then, stay inspired and love on yourself a bit more today!

All my love,

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