Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday! We’re about to dig in on more Astrology for Creatives here. Ready?

This month, in support of our topic, Your Relationship with Being Seen, we’re gonna take a look at your astrological chartwheel. This is the graphic that represents a snapshot of the exact time and place of your birth, and I’m gonna point out some really yummy placements that indicate your strengths in the spotlight. (Make yours at Astro.com if you don’t already have it handy.)

As usual, I offer up my chart as an example. Take a look at the numbers closest in on the wheel, running counter-clockwise from 1 to 12. These are the houses. There’s a line running across the center of the chartwheel, with your rising sign (marked as AC, for ascendant) on the left side, kicking off the 1st House. The signs are along the outside of the chartwheel and you should be able to spot the glyph for your sun pretty easily.

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
Click to enbiggen.

In general, if your sun is in house 1 through 6, you have what’s called a night chart. And as you might imagine, if your sun is in house 7 through 12, you have a day chart.

Day chart folks (like me; you can see my sun in the 10th house, in Cancer, just above) identify with their sun sign in a way that night chart folks don’t. We’re also more publicly focused (each house has a different type of public focus… let’s just say my sun’s house is the most public of the 12. Shocking no one). Extroverts-a-go-go, here. (Unless your sun is in the 8th or 12th house; these can be more introverted houses in a day chart.)

Night chart folks (again, that’s you if your sun is in house 1 through 6, below the horizon of the chartwheel) tend to identify more with their moon sign than their sun sign! So… find your moon (you can see mine over there in my 1st house, Libra) and head over to some of the sign-related resources I’ve created for you in the — OMG, hot of the presses — brand new free astrology training here to see if your moon sign resonates. If you’re more introverted, this makes sense. (Unless your sun is in the 5th house; this is the way extroverted house in a night chart.)

In addition to the day/night of it all, I want you to pay special attention to these 4 houses: 1, 4, 7, and 10. These houses are on what’s called “the angles.” And anything you have in the angles — or any transits that happen NOW that “cross the angles” — are going to be big players in your life. (You can see what’s happening NOW in big astro by using a tool like PlanetWatcher.com or an app like Time Passages.)

Again, looking at my chart, we notice the only two angles in which I have placements (or planets): the 1st and 10th houses. Not only do I have things in these two houses; I have HALF of my core personality placements bunched up in “the angles.”

So, what do they mean?

1st house = self, ego, body, who we are in the world.
4th house = home, roots, unseen parent, our ancestry.
7th house = partners, how we team up in business and romance.
10th house = our career, higher calling, life’s work.

To sum up: My chart is a day chart, so I will identify strongly with my Cancer sun. I will tend to be more extroverted in my encounters. My energy in life will be focused on myself and who I am in the world along with my career and higher calling. Yup. Pretty much!

Now you! 🙂 What can you tell us that your chart just taught you about yourself in the comments at the dojo for this month’s topic? Any a-ha moments?

If you have *no* clusters on the angles, where DO you have several placements grouped together? Three or more in the same house (or in the same sign) are what we call a stellium. That means you’ve got lots of energy there. Even gifts! What can you lean into, house-wise and sign-wise, that you already have planetary help with?

Are you beginning to get excited with the potential this may unlock for you?

I sure am!

Those of you in my Aligned Advantage membership, you know we’ll go deeper there of course… and spend time prepping to map out our 2021 focus based on where our charts are all sorts of lit up! Yay!

Reminder: If you haven’t already done so, register for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind for this month so we can connect about Your Relationship with Being Seen on the 18th. Great work going on already in the comments (seriously, y’all. Beautiful stuff). I’m proud of you! Woo HOO!

So much love flowing your way,

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