Thank you to everyone who submitted a vid application to our Six Weeks To LA scholarship contest! We are so inspired by your stories, your drive, and your commitment to your dreams! THANK YOU for sharing them with us!

Today, we are pleased to announce our Six Weeks To LA scholarship ($600 value) winner: Christopher Charles!

I think one of my favorite parts of going down the rabbit hole on each of this year’s applicants was discovering that Christopher had actually applied a few years back as well! And one of the things he said in *that* vid that struck me was that he loves sharing his toys and knows Hollywood will unfold once he’s reached a certain tier in Toronto (he had just moved there a few months before, at the time).

And he *has* been progressing through the tiers in Toronto… and now it’s his time to win the coveted scholarship for 6W2LA! Hooray!

We are so excited to get you leaping from your hell-yes tier in Toronto to the place where more dreams come true than anywhere else on the planet: Hollywood! 🙂 We’re inspired by you, Christopher, and excited to share this time with you! And all the fine folks enrolled in this cycle of 6W2LA. Your welcome kit will be arriving soon! We’re so excited to get ninja with y’all, for class starting up on Sunday, October 16th!

Psst! Are *you* hoping to join us before we close registration? Hit this! 😀 (And if you’d like to get in on a payment plan, we’ve gotcha covered right here!)

One of the things I love most about this phenomenal course is that dreams really DO come true! Every. Single. Year. since we first started teaching Six Weeks To LA, we have welcomed dozens of actors to their new Hollywood home, to their first Thirsty Third Thursday with an already-made-to-support-them community of SMFA Ninjas, to their next freakin’ tier!

That? That is amazing. It makes me so damn proud of what we do.

Ready to join us? You could be here before you know it!

Let’s leap!

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