Amy’s Blind Date

Woo hoo! Unlike MY episode of Blind Date, looks like I’ll actually get to SEE Amy Harber do her thang tomorrow at 11am on KTLA.


Yup, I never did see my bonzai tree-trimming, dart-throwing episode from November 2000, though I hear it was good. Ever so excited to watch Amy cat it up on the air.

PS — it’s hot and dry. Nose bleeds-a-go-go (guess they’re better than migraines, though). Ugh.

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  1. Avatar Aimercat October 6, 2005 at 11:14 pm

    thanx for the pimpage, Bons. You going to Rose’s party tomorrow night? I’ll be there probably in the 10ish range…might be having dinner in da O.C. with Chris tomorrow.