This is our last month before things start going retrograde. No, not Mercury (yet) but a whole bunch o’ things, starting with our farthest-out planet (Pluto) going retrograde at the end of the month. So… use the forward motion of Aries season + all planets NOT in their retrograde illusion right ’til the end of the month to GSD like whoa! (GSD = get shit done, and of course, that’s not the goal of every dang day.)

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Okay! We’re still in our 5 year (freedom, friskiness, fun) and now it’s a 9 month (closing things off, wrapping things up) and we start the month in Aries season on a 1 day, so HOORAY for some new projects under that Sagittarius moon! HAVE FUN!

I like the 3rd for putting in some work with confidence. That shift of Mercury into Aries means our words and thoughts are going to be more impulsive than usual. If this concerns you, remind yourself to count to ten. Self-care on the 4th please, even though you may feel like pushing through.

Some expansive energy comes in on the 5th thanks to that 5 under an Aquarius moon. Do some group work, use tech, think outside the box, and have fun! Same for the 6th except with a shift in focus to more domestic issues, health, and repairs.

We have a pretty big void moon on the 7th and then we head into a Pisces moon… on a 7 day. So… go within. Fantasize. Dream. Make music. Soak in some water if you can. Get high. Repeat on the 8th and the better part of the 9th… but on that day we get our Aries moon kicking in (along with a Mars-Neptune square) to shift the energy significantly.

Like, watch for deception. Some “I will fight you about that lie” vibes. And as we get into the 1 numerology of the 10th, we’re in full GSD mode for sure! Bonus: We’ve got a sextile between Venus and Jupiter, bringing beauty and prosperity together beautifully, making us feel truly lovely. Bask! In! That! Y’all!

Our new moon in Aries on the 11th will have us more emotional than Aries tends to be (but it won’t be wallow-in-it level emotional, okay?) and this is when we want to plant those seeds for what we want for ourselves as individuals for the next six months. Really get into the “No, really. What do I *want* next?” questions and do a little journaling about what lights you up, passionately.

Another little bonus on this day: Venus and Pluto are in a square, intensifying those emotions I was already warning you about from this 2 numerology. Especially where relationships are concerned, you could be on the receiving end of some BIG energy. Be ready. Or stay on “do not disturb” mode for a bit of the day.

I love the 12th for making long-term money plans. This is a really good day! Manifest and plan for more manifesting, y’all. Lots of good follow-through energy on the 13th, so use it well. And as we shift into the Gemini moon late on the 14th, Venus moves into Taurus, which creates a focus on love that is more enduring, more luxurious, more values-focused. Yum!

You’ll be feeling a little chatty on the 15th and 16th and the early part of the 17th too. Put that energy into getting the word out about things you’re excited to be a part of! We don’t have the best numerology for visibility ’til the 17th, but by then we’re shifting into a Cancer moon and going more into the emotional and nurturing parts of ourselves. The intensity of a square between the sun and Pluto on the 16th will possibly help us get the job done though. Watch for a power struggle as we head into that weekend. Remember Cancer moon feels EVERYBODY’s feelings. Bubble wrap yourself if you’re susceptible to such things.

As we wrap up Aries season on the 18th, the sun and Mercury are right there together, making us feel extra chatty and super curious. Since the 18th is a 9 day, that’s about closing things off, decluttering, ending things… so whistle while you work on that stuff and stay curious about what new stuff you’ll fill the space with as you make all that room!

It’s Taurus season on the 19th and Mercury is the one leading the sun right into place there. Mercury in Taurus means we’re more measured, practical, long-term thinking, and stubborn in our ways. Because we’re in the first quarter moon on this day, be sure you do a little delegating, edit some old work, and as we move into the Leo moon late that night on that 1 numerology, get ready to step up and be seen!

While there’s a little emotional twinge to the 20th, that Leo moon still craves visibility. So, let’s shoot for emotions of joy and basking and strutting, okay? The 21st though? Unstoppable creative energy and charisma for MILES! Use it!! It’s spotlight time, legit!! Woo HOO!

We shift into our Virgo moon on the 22nd and boy does the Virgo moon love a 4 numerology. POWER DAY! We also have an aligning of Venus and Uranus which brings disruptive, somewhat chaotic energy to our love life and what we value. So, we’re grounded thanks to Taurus sun and Virgo moon, but may just run off and elope because WHY NOT?!?

Mars moves into Cancer on the 23rd and… well… Mars really doesn’t like being here. It’s the planet of war in the zodiac’s grandma sign… so look to feel a bit dramatic, sensitive, and seductive at best… anxious, conflicted, and on edge at not-best. That said, I do like the moon + numerology energy of the 23rd. Have a little fun. Whistle while you work. 😉

We have a Venus square with Saturn on the 24th, which can push against the Libra moon we get that day. Libra moon is all about partnering up and finding harmony and balance in our relationships. A Venus Saturn square can be depressive about love, too cold with emotions, just a real conflict of energies, so keep that in mind. Especially on the 25th. In fact, this is another time to get out the bubble wrap.

Because… on the 26th, we get our full moon in Scorpio. Oh boy. Intensity for sure, and that 8 numerology is powerful stuff already. For the full moon release, let go of grudges, paranoid feelings, any shadow-self stuff you’re holding onto. Because all of this is happening with a Saturn-Uranus square nearby (with Uranus being opposite the moon), um… that bubble wrap. Yeah. There’s some chaos. Some big, patriarchal structures being shaken up, and of course Scorpio moon wants to know who’s conspiring against them… right as we head into Pluto going retrograde on the 27th. Let’s try to release the power struggles with that 9 numerology… and since Pluto is a generational planet, take care of yourself if you decide to get out there and make waves under this transit.

We get an end o’ the month whoosh of good GSD energy thanks to Sagittarius moon and 1 numerology on the 28th, and on the 30th we shift into our Capricorn moon and a 3 numerology, so we’ll even manifest some really neat things by then, if we can stay aligned, focused, and in receiving mode those last few days of the month.

All righty y’all, that’s it for April! I hope this exploration of Astrology for Creatives is inspiring you and I love to see how you use the momentum to create the most joy in your life. 🙂

Much love,

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