Something I regularly clarify is the title of my most popular book: Self-Management for Actors.

No, no, no, it’s not that everyone gets the title WRONG or something… it’s that the emphasis is on managing the SELF (not on being your own talent manager or something).

Yes. Clever. I know.

What I know for sure in life is that anything that’s worth a damn is something we have to manage.

My sobriety is managed.
My marriage is managed.
My friendships are managed.
My fitness is managed.
My mindset is managed.
My money is managed.
My success is managed.

But time and time again, a new creative storyteller will find their way into my life and want RESULTS. Now. No, wait. Now is gonna take too long. They want results yesterday. The want the recipe for all the success they’re ever gonna have, all at once. THE rule. THE map. THE keys. Now.


Let’s look at success as biting into the perfect apple. You know the one? It’s the exact right kind of crispy and juicy and sweet and tart all at the same time. PERFECT APPLE. That’s success. That’s the booking, the money in the bank, the “and the Oscar goes to…” of it all. PERFECT APPLE.

To continue the analogy, most folks see success this way: “This apple is perfect! I’ve FOUND it! I’m now going to buy 1234567890 more of these apples so that I will *always* have perfect apples on hand!!”


Success — like that perfect apple — is a very cool thing that comes along now and then and it’s so incredibly fabulous to enjoy in that moment. But there’s no such thing as buying up ALL THE APPLES in order to stay stocked up on success.

You’re gonna go back to the market and get an apple again. And again. And again. And sometimes you’re gonna end up with a run of seriously mealy-ass apples, thinking you’ll swear off apples altogether for a while.

It’s okay. It happens. Keep going back to the market.

THAT is the whole “success is managed” thing, after all. Showing up. Taking a bite. Hoping for a really great apple… knowing full well you sometimes just can’t tell what it’s gonna be like ’til you’re really committed to the experience.


Woo tip: There’s still time to celebrate this impactful Libra full moon, y’all. Release (with gratitude) any loose ends around relationships, partnerships, business collaborations, or any other 1:1 connections that aren’t working. Stop trying to make ’em into something they’re not. Just thank them for what they taught you that you WANT out of relationships and then let them go.

(For my free woo series, What Your Birthday Says About You, head over here.)

All right, lovelies, have a spectacular week! I’ll be doing my annual Profit Clarity ritual on April 1st, so keep your eyes on my Instagram stories if you want to be there for the reveal.

This process has shifted me from 13% to 68% passive revenue since I first started tallying in 2013, while more than doubling the dollar amount.

What was that about how — *ahem* — money is managed? This is your gentle nudge that burying your head in the sand is NOT how to grow to your goals. Just. Start.

See you on the other side!

Much love,

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