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The Struggle Is Overrated

In one of the many spectacular convos going on in our Self-Management for Actors Facebook group recently, the topic of STRUGGLE came up. Specifically, someone had advised that actors should always “live poor.” Stay in…

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Fixing Money Anxiety

I know. You’re already thinking, “Yeah, right, Gillespie. Like YOU’RE gonna fix my money anxiety. Pff. Okay.” Go with me a sec, wouldja? See… after a convo with Ramit Sethi (yes, that Ramit Sethi), I…

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Ponies for Everyone

I was going to write about self-care. Specifically about how unapologetic those at the highest tiers tend to be about self-care. About how leaning into unapologetic self-care *before* you’re at the highest tiers is required….

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