Today the hubs and I went in for our annual money talk with Ray the CPA.

This is the meeting we have every December to review our revenue, move around where money lives so it gives us the overall lowest tax burden, and pray we haven't overspent (and if we have, thank Ray for being a genius who always figures out how to make it work).

We started going to Ray nearly 12 years ago and for the first few years, we were *hurting* to pay him. Like… a few times I had to send him partial payment because we just didn't have the monthly fee for his money management. (Of course he could SEE that this was true. He's our money guy. He knew we had none for a while there.)

At some point, it stopped being that tight for us. Then things got pretty dang good. We really were building our empire and the work was paying off in ways we could see (not just feel coming).

On the drive home today, we talked about how scary it was when we first hired Ray and committed to nearly $5K/yr. in his services. (Today, we know we are getting his services for a STEAL… considering the magic he is always able to do for us. Even more so as our business has grown, of course.)

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because back when we made that commitment to invest in ourselves beyond our comfort level, we could FEEL there was this future version of ourselves out there somewhere… someone we'd get to meet someday… who not only could afford this investment, but who would know the work we were doing with Ray every year — over time — would be responsible for way many more dollars in our bank accounts.

Here we are today, driving back from Ray's with tears in our eyes and huge smiles on our faces, realizing we actually have had a few years now living as that Future Us and we hadn't even thought about back then and how stressful it had been to have so much money flowing out… so much unknown about how things were going to work out… but such a deep KNOWING that we were doing the right thing.

As I looked at the amazing work of so many of you in this year in Get in Gear for the New Year (our free year-end challenge… there's still time to catch up if you sign up today!!), I saw three major themes in the doubts-blocks-limiting-beliefs department (that's a part of the Day 1 mindset work, of course — because we can't reach our goals if we're holding onto ideas that are at cross purposes to them).

~ My Existence: I'm too old. I'm too young. I'm too fat. I'm too thin. I'm too tall. I'm too short. I'm not attractive enough.
~ My Timing: I'm just starting out. I've been at this forever. I'm back after a break.
~ My Geography: I'm not in LA. I'm not in NY. I'm not in London. I'm not anywhere near a major or minor market of any kind.

And here's what's cool about all of these categories, all of these limiting beliefs:

Future You has absolutely ZERO stress about any of these things. Future You has either made it *despite* all of those bits of stinkin' thinkin'… or hasn't made it because you talked yourself out of going for it due to those limiting beliefs.

And why would you do that to yourself?

Low enoughness.

This is why my work is now all about helping creatives in and outside of showbiz get that resting state of enoughness *so* strong that it's the counterpoint to every single thought that creeps in about how it's not possible. It's as though Future You is infused with all the enoughness required to deal with all those thoughts that sometimes go on loop and mess with our dreams.

"I'm too old." Yup. And I'm giving it a go anyway.
"I've been away for too long and everything has changed." Yup. And I'll learn all about the new things as I go.
"I live nowhere near a major market." Good thing so much happens virtually now; I can get started and then build momentum to travel to wherever Future Me needs to go.

High enoughness is the counterpoint to pretty much every doubt you have… and a great way to start building up that enoughness is to spend time "future tripping" so you get a glimpse of Future You — y'know, like I did in early 2008 when the idea of spending more than the $225 per year I had been spending on getting our corporate taxes done was INSANE.

I remember saying, "There's a future me for whom $5K/yr. is not only do-able, it's a STEAL for this service."

My enoughness knew I could borrow bravery from Future Me.

How 'bout you? 

Do some future tripping. Hang out with Future You. What does Future You want to tell you about your fears, blocks, and doubts? LISTEN. Breathe in the enoughness. You've *got* this! (And when you don't… well… we've got you!)

One last thing: Don't forget to register for my FREE, LIVE webinar!

We're gonna be wrapping up this year's FREE challenge and of course busting through so many blocks so you can charge into 2020 feeling aligned for the hustle! (Because hustle without alignment is a waste of energy.)

I so enjoy all this jamming together we're doing! 🙂 THANK YOU for inviting me into your life.

So much love,

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Enoughness is an inside job… and sometimes you need a guide to find your way there. Let Bonnie Gillespie get you started.

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