Okay, so I posted at the Twitter this morning, because this problem of mine has gotten out of control.

And, as always, the people of the Twitter did a great job helping out. I’ve grouped these three images — representing the best of the tweets — into major categories:

Bananas and Bars


Fruit, Oatmeal, and Protein Shakes


Smoothies, Yogurt, and Smartassery


Heh heh. Y’know I love the smartassery. 😉

So… about this yogurt thing. Why do those of you who suggest Greek yogurt do so? I’ve never had it and I’m not generally a fan of Mediterranean food and flavors (although I do enjoy yogurt), so I’m wondering why Greek yogurt rings your collective bells. Please lemmeknow.

Of course, no toast or waffles or crackers here unless they’re gluten-free (and, luckily, there are some good options out there for me). And I like the idea of having something savory, like cheese with flax-seed crackers or a boiled egg white (I don’t eat the yolks). Almonds, raisins, maybe a protein shake or a granola bar could work. There are some good gluten-free options there as well.

I’m generally not a fan of sweet breakfasts, and anything that requires cooking, cutting, mixing, prepping… well… I’m not likely to do it. I guess I could get the chef (hubs Keith) to do some of that for me, but I burn water, so I’m pretty kitchenphobic. There was a time that I would put cheese on a rice cake and toast it, or fry an egg and put it on a cheese-melted corn tortilla with some salsa, but that’s both a bit of work and not terribly “fit friendly,” and I’ve got 20 pounds I’d like to get off me, at this point.

I don’t drink coffee or tea (or sodas, not that anyone suggested that). Just water and booze (not for breakfast, of course). 😉 Although I’ll occasionally have a bit of juice. Rarely! But, it happens.

I’m intrigued by the oatmeal with salt and pepper option. 🙂 That could work! I do like oatmeal (and I’m not gluten-free to the extent that I cut out oats, just wheat flour). And I LOVE how many of you like a banana to start the day. That’s a good idea!

Okay, so with all of these great suggestions (THANK YOU, fine folks), I’m going to start off tomorrow with Cool Ranch Doritos, crack cocaine, and a margarita. I think that should be a great start to my Sunday, right?

Heh heh.

Seriously, I am really excited about all of these fantastic suggestions and I think what I need to do more than anything is just start the habit of going to the kitchen before going to my desk. I really need to do that. Even though I convince myself I’m not hungry and I can wait… I need to just go in there, put 100 to 300 calories IN ME to start my day, and then get to the work of it all.

Thank you, everyone, for your help with this! Feel free to tweet me, daily, asking me if I ate yet! 😀

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  1. Bill Finkbiner June 12, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Greek yogurt has twice the protein of normal yogurt with next to no difference in taste. You can get low fat to fat free depending on which you’d rather w/ a large number of flavored options.

  2. Hannah June 17, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I’m on a plain Greek yogurt, fruit (blueberries specifically), and small sprinkle of granola kick lately. For me, the Greek yogurt has a much better texture than regular yogurt–really thick (makes me feel like I’m getting something almost decadent because it’s so creamy, even though it has no added sugar) and not at all slimy (like old-school fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt or plain yogurt). The 2% is nice because it’s less fattening but thicker than the nonfat. I hadn’t considered it had more protein–bonus!

  3. Bonnie Gillespie June 19, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Okay, I really have to check out this Greek yogurt thing! THANK YOU, fine folks! 🙂 These tips are phenomenal. Already feeling great, just adding a half-apple and ten almonds to my morning routine. Yay!

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