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Ah, Facebook

So, I’ve now been a streamlined user of the Facebook for several weeks. From 4985 friends to 372. Up another 800 fans at the fan page. No regrets. Life is good. I feel free to…

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And Then There Were…

Wow. This is getting intense. My November 1st goal was 100 friends unplugged per day, taking me down to my core group only at Facebook by year-end. Well, one of the benefits to being in-bed-level…

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Under 2000

Within 24 hours, I’ll be under 2000 friends at the Facebook for the first time since October, 2008, just weeks after I joined up. *phew* I have to say, I’m having a fabulous time unfriending….

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Facebook: Unplugging Update

On November 13, 2010, I was granted the slow-roll-out option to download my entire Facebook profile. If you have this feature and are looking to unplug (or, heck, even if you’re not, and you —…

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Facebook: How I Unplugged

Before I get into how I unplugged from Facebook in late 2010, let me detail how I became Hyper-Connected, which will provide context for why unplugging has become so important to me now. I was…

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We’ve only just begun.

One of the things that comes with having so very, very, very many things going at once is that sometimes–in order to grow with the coolest of those things–we must unplug from a few of…

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Son of a FUCK! Sorry, but I’ve got to rant! I did my top-of-the-month backup of my computer’s guts and somehow did an overwrite of last month’s backup (which ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue except…

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*contented sigh*

Ever know for sure you made a GREAT decision the instant you (finally) made it? There is nothing so gratifying as that feeling. Onward!

Pulling the Plug?

So, I run this little online community and I think it’s time to pull the plug. Why? Is it losing focus? Is it less popular than it once was? Does it no longer serve a…

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I have two definitions to share. The first, a part of me I’m trying to let go. The second, a part of me I’m trying to embrace. mas-och-ism (ms-kzm) n. *A willingness or tendency to…

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