Proud momma, here. 🦋 No, not ME… I mean *my* momma, sweet Charlsie, the astrologer, who always said, “Bonnie came into this world with the gift. She’s letting me use it until she’s ready.” I’m ready, momma.


I was born during my mother’s Nodal Return. And when Jupiter recently danced around on our shared North Node during its tour through Pisces, I felt ascension happening. Lucid dreaming became my waking state. Downloads became more frequent, more powerful, more ease-filled.


So, here we are. Not quite finished with the first-ever Chart Harmony Challenge, and this astrologer’s daughter’s world is taking shape in a whole new way.

chart harmony calendar june 2022 bonnie gillespie
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This is incredibly exciting and I’m so grateful to YOU for being here with me right now.


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