On Saturn’s Day (Saturday), I’m off screens as much as possible. I’m off indulgences. I’m off complications.

On Saturn’s Day, I embrace structure. I get down to the bones of things. I honor the power of NO.

There’s some bumpy stuff coming up in the near future and for the next several years. As a part of the USA’s Pluto Return, we’re watching our systems of white supremacy, late-stage capitalism, hetero patriarchy, and even democracy collapse. A lot of destabilization. A lot of starting over after living the Tower card.


books by patrisse cullors and rachel lang
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I’m getting ready with the help of many masters. Today’s words of inspiration come from a re-reading of phenomenal books by Patrisse Cullors and Rachel Lang.

12 steps abolitionists handbook patrisse cullors
Patrisse Cullors’ 12 Steps

Also throwing down my Luminous Void Tarot cards and Heavenly Bodies Astrology cards for inspo on creating the first Chart Harmony deck.

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How did you honor structure and simplicity today?

Are you prepared for life after all this?

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