AKA How to connect with FIRE when you’re WATER dominant:


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I lack Fire in my natal chart. My out-of-sect malefic is a way-too-hot fallen Mars up in the 10H conjunct my Mercury, in stellium with my Sun and MC.

He is NOT kind. It’s not his fault. He’s so debilitated from doing his warrior job well that he thrashes about, really loving that he can get my attention by causing pain via hearty squares to my 1H stellium (that means I often feel it physically).

Enter: Chart Harmony

By considering planetary remediation as a bit of relationship management via tools that lit me up as a child, learning astrology and numerology alongside my brilliant mother, I’ve color-coded the whole experience.

On a BLUE day (like yesterday: Moon’s day + 7 numerology + Cancer Moon), I don’t try to connect with Mars. He’s too hot on too wet a day; he’ll boil this baby crab!

But on a day that brings out the ORANGE (like today: Marsโ€™ day + 8 numerology, even though we’re still under that Cancer Moon), I can lean into ORANGE things… a workout, taking charge with a few tasks/projects, eating spicy foods… to help Mars feel seen. Respected. Thanked for his fierceness.

This simple ritual work prevents accidents, illness, and mind-body pain spikes like migraines and other stress-related symptoms I spent a lifetime battling.

Of course there was a battle! Mars needs a brawl! On the regular, y’all!

As I’m building more of the Chart Harmony world and weaving it all into the Bonnie Gillespie brand, I’m LOVING the ease so many of my early clients are experiencing as they trust me on this journey.

“Yes. Just trust me. Eat dessert first today. This will help Jupiter know you trust him, which allows him to show off ALL the MOAR he has coming your way.”

When I get to say this and YOU just try it, it’s pretty freakin’ magical as we watch the results flow in.

I’m excited for all we’re co-creating! Most of all, I’m excited that you’re excited too!

Back to the creative cave,

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