In one of my many Brandprov prompts (y’know, I ask you a question and your answer is an on-brand improvisational response), I ask, “What’s your on-brand zodiac sign?”

Your answer doesn’t have to be WHAT’S TRUE; it just has to be on-brand. It needs to lead me to a better understanding of who you are as a storyteller. What your True North is all about. The stories you were born to tell and the way in which you’ll best tell them.

Thing is, as I’ve worked with more and more creatives on not just their showbiz careers but on their astrological charts, it’s gotten CRYSTAL CLEAR what it is that makes up a storyteller’s brand… without them ever having to do a dang survey about it!

There’s the Sun, the Moon, the Rising… a unique vibe and worldview and approach to everything that comes from each AND the combination of the big three. It’s how you show up in the world, the big WHY behind your True North, and how you go about doing all the things you do. It’s your setpoint. It’s your go-to. It’s your YOUness. All up in there!

And just understanding yourself at a level beyond surface helps you present — on the surface — exactly authentically in ways that show your target buyers not just THAT you are exactly what we need when we’re casting your target projects… but WHY you are the only one meant to do the dang job.

It’s truly quite magical, the way things open up for my clients who pair the Self-Management for Actors work with my astrological guidance. And because one of my favorite things is getting to “Air sign it out” about things that light me up (“Air sign it out” means “TALK A LOT”), I’ve joined forces with professional astrologer, intuitive, and psychic medium Rachel Lang for a six-week deep-dive into YOUR actor brand… and so much more.

bonnie gillespie rachel lang astrology for creatives

Did you know that your chart reveals where you’re going to be lucky? The gateway to your prosperity? The speed of your life’s lessons and the natural cycles of things you experience (everything from duration of relationships to how long you stay in one place before you just HAVE TO move again)?

That we can see how PUBLIC a career and life you’re meant to have, just from what might be (or NOT be) in certain houses of your chartwheel? Your karmic baggage (y’know, all that stuff that feels like it had momentum long before you DID THINGS in life to CAUSE certain issues, trajectories, and the like)?

And your chart’s “bad guys”? Not just the blindspots and lessons you’ll keep repeating ’til you do some shifting in your life but actually WHAT that shifting needs to be? And when?

Here. I’m so excited about our so-new-we’re-still-building-it curriculum that I’ll share it with you! Just click through to see it larger. This is the birth of Astrology for Creatives.

Astrology for Creatives by Bonnie Gillespie and Rachel Lang

Those of you who’ve been a part of my inaugural offers in the past — whether that’s the very first “chairs in a circle over at 310 Casting on three Thursday nights in November of 2008” version of the Self-Management for Actors seminar that would go on to tour the world in many forms, the first 12-week “SMFA Online/Get A-Listed” course in 2011 in which thousands would go on to enroll, the inaugural class of the unstoppable Get in Gear for the Next Tier membership in late 2016 that continues to change lives on the daily, or any of my dozens of other offers since my very first “pick my brain for a chopped salad and chai latte shake at the 101 Coffee Shop” date in early 2003 — know the DELIGHT that is that first run.

It’s a collaborative energetic exchange in which we get together and INSPIRE ONE ANOTHER for what the course will grow up to become. You become a part of the fabric of the offer in its future incarnations (because you were there as we built it together). We experiment. We share what’s working and what needs refining. We strip down the work to its core. We play with it. We pull from its brilliance. And we never offer it the same way ever again.

To tell you I am sooooooooooo lit up about this collaboration would be an understatement. There’s a very special energy to this class and I know at the end of August we’re all going to have such a deep and embodied relationship with our storytelling brands… it’s all right there in our charts, already! Just waiting for the excavation!

Each class meeting will have information, activation, and conversation. What that means is, Rachel and I will teach the lessons you’ve prepped for (using our workbook prompts) during our weekly live Zooms, we’ll get you doing some activation workouts where you really get to KNOW how it feels to be the different parts of your chart — so you can modulate your own motivation and wrangle your own blocks in powerful ways, and we’ll have plenty of time for live hot-seats and Q&A to be sure you’re really clicking with your new discoveries!

If you want to get a sense of whether our vibe works for you, here we are having a bunch of fun announcing our new venture, Astrology for Creatives. If you’re already sure this is exactly the kind of summer fun you want to have, enroll by Sunday so we can get you inside the member space as a part of our inaugural cohort!

Questions for me? Pop ’em in the comments just below.

I’m THRILLED with the alignment of my pragmatic showbiz know-how, my enoughness coaching, and my woo-woo gifts as Charlsie’s daughter. THRILLED. If you had told me that someday I’d be able to teach the branding parts of Self-Management for Actors by way of the actors’ natal charts, I’d have said, “HA! No one will EVER let me do THAT!!” and holy cow here we are. I’m doing that. With one of my biz besties, Rachel Lang. And… maybe with you?

Lemmeknow! I’d love to explore your brand in this very cool way with you!

All my on-brand love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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