Google Goes Keith as Keith Goes North

So, Keith got a freelance job a couple of weeks ago (THANKS, ROSE) at Google. Then he got a call, asking whether he could come on fulltime and do the same gig in-house that he’d been hired to do from home, PLUS the freelance gig, if he wanted to make extra “nights and weekend” money.
Um, yeah. Sure. We’ll go with a YES.
He got the call today that it was time for him to go in and do the “campus tour” (oh, did I mention that “campus” is just a few blocks from our new Santa Monica digs??). And, of course, he’s headed to NoCal for more family stuff (see past few months of back and forth-ness for the gory-gories) in just five hours. Happy, the Google folks already knew about this (yay for Keith having told them he was leaving town, back when they interviewed him; yay for them remembering that), and the tour is set up for the day after the Artios Awards and, of course, after Keith’s return to escort me to said awards.
I’m just so proud of him.
And more than that, I’m proud of us. We made a pledge to one another to do better with our “relationship communication” issues (see anyone ever on Dr. Phil’s TV show) and this was the first time we got up to the “just a few hours ’til the departure” phase without a big fight over nothing (or over something; or over whatever would make me mad at him and less likely to miss him while he’s up north). Very good. Progress in relationship stuff… and after only three years. Awwwww.
No, I’m actually touched by the fact that we’re able to communicate so well so soon after pledging to do so. That’s important and stuff.
I’ll miss him.
Luckily, I have a bazillion things to do while he’s gone. Interviews for the book, meetings for casting, setting up the panel for LMU, prepping for The Actors’ Network, and finishing the unpacking of this home, here. Oh, and we MUST buy table and chairs (or bench or nook or whatever; this is our favorite). I may do that while Keith is gone. And then there’s the EARNING of money, seeing as that’s an outflow. Hee hee. So much.
THANK YOU, JONI for the coolest EVER belated-birthday slash LASIK-recovery package on the planet!!!! OMG!! An electric Hello Kitty toothbrush with bubblegum toothpaste, all sorts of books from my wishlist, and a great photo from our early early childhood together (wow; great stuff). You’re the bestest, Joan!
And with that, I must sign off. No, really.
COMMENT away, if you want to come hang out or help with the never-ending unpacking tasks ’round here. I also need arm candy to various showcases and events. Holla! (Yes… I’m only two years late on the catch-phrase. Watch out… “bling” is about to enter my vocabulary.)

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  1. Avatar JeanNINE October 5, 2004 at 1:38 pm

    You MUST post photos of how you two look for the Awards ceremony, please???? ;o)
    And yes, communication really IS everything – that’s not just a cliche statement. So you SHOULD be proud of such progress. Yay for progress!
    I had a feeling when you asked for positive eye vibes the other day, that it was for Lasik stuff. I want to live vicariously through you on that, because I want to get that surgery some day. My eyes are still changing (i.e. I’m getting BLINDER every year), so I’m not quite eligible yet. But my eyes ARE changing less and less every year, so maybe soon. I just worry about the whole dry eye possibility…so yeah, give us details on the surgery stuff, especially the post-surgery stuff. – And of course, good vibes for successful surgery and recovery!
    Finally – LOVE that corner nook bench and table set. VERY cool!
    Oh and one more – Yay for Keith + Google! I *heart* Google. :o)