Hello you beautiful people and happy solar eclipse! Happy double Cancer! And buckle up, because here comes Mercury retrograde.

(Want a fun way to keep up with Mercury retrograde dates? Here’s your link.)

Now, y’all know I love sharing tips for how best to navigate these 3.5-week-long stretches with ease.

In fact, just a few hours ago, I jammed with some of you fine folks for a livestream on the topic!

Ahh… creating Chart Harmony is just so much dang fun!

Here’s your quick survival guide, since the planet that rules communication is going to be in retrograde motion July 7th through 31st.

Don’t start no shit; don’t sign no shit! — Essentially, anything you have to initiate, hold off ’til August. Anything you have to sign, if you can’t hold off, be sure you double and triple check everything and have another set of eyes checking over it too. Miscommunication is likely — assumptions will be at an all-time high — and you want to be sure you’re protected against having agreed to something you misunderstood.

Use all the information when communicating! — Meaning, don’t say, “I’ll meet you at the Santa Monica Coffee Bean at 2 next Friday.” Instead, say, “I’ll meet you on the patio of the Coffee Bean at 829 Wilshire in Santa Monica at 2pm PDT on Friday the 12th.” Seriously. All the details. Because “next Friday” means something different to people during Mercury retrograde. So does “Santa Monica”. Crossed wires are more frustrating right now. So prevent ’em by being detailed.

Back up your tech! — Fun fact: When Steve Jobs was alive? There were never major roll-outs or OS updates to Mac stuff during Mercury retrograde. When prompted to get updates installed? Really be sure you HAVE TO do it. Like, if it’s a critical security update, of course. But if it’s the latest new face filter for Instagram? Wait ’til August. Because if you’ve ever installed something innocuous and then haven’t been able to access your contacts or your map or your alarm clock for DAYS due to something wonky… that’s the kind of stuff that happens during Mercury retrograde.

Be careful! Slow down! — Just like there are more people with whacked-out injuries showing up at the ER during the full moon, there are more accidents during Mercury retrograde. Because people have miscommunicated and are running late. So they’re in a hurry. And acting recklessly. And that means everyone gets snagged in the chaos. Knowing this could happen, YOU leave early. YOU slow down and let the crazy people move around you. YOU stay in your bubble of zen and take a book so you have something to do when the person you’re meeting is running late or no-shows.

Declutter! Tie up loose ends! — Mercury retrograde is a fabulous time to clear out closets, donate old clothing to Goodwill, or tuck away the paperwork from a project you’ve wrapped. Watch for people from your past coming back around in July. A text from a long-lost friend. An email from someone who ghosted you. Some kind of contact from producers on a film you thought was long-ago cast. Fabulous! Since starting new things isn’t such a great idea right now, absolutely revisit that old stuff. 🙂

And when in doubt, chill. Go within. Journal, meditate, do some reflection, check in with your needs. But remember, we’re in Cancer season and that means emotions are all feeling a little EXTRA. If you enjoy tuning into your intuition? Good. Do that now. It’ll be easier than ever! But if you like being a little awareless about stuff? Erm… take more naps. That’ll help!

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Meanwhile, share with me below how YOU survive — and even thrive — when that little Mercury appears to move the wrong way. I’d love to know what works for you!

Stay brilliant, grounded, and ready for more!

Rock on,

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  1. Michael Flake July 2, 2019 at 9:07 am

    I signed my contract and purchased solar panels last month before retrograde, but I’m having them installed during Mercury Retrograde to reduce my carbon footprint by renewable energy. Is this okay?

    1. Bonnie Gillespie July 2, 2019 at 11:18 am

      How awesome! I love this!

      Assuming you did all the measuring during the purchase/contract period, you should be good to go!

      Of course, keep an eye on things (as always), but I would only look for Mercury to cause chaos if the specs for exactly what materials are needed and the measuring part of things didn’t get taken care of last month!

      Lemmeknow how it goes! What a wonderful project! 🔮🔥💫


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