A theme has been emerging in my Self-Management for Actors mastermind groups lately. Doesn’t matter if it’s an actor, a writer, a producer, a director, a fellow casting director, or a creative entrepreneur in the group — lately there’s been talk about the importance of the hustle.

More specifically, exhaustion from the hustle. “Hustle fatigue,” let’s call it.

It’s not uncommon. I’ve faced it down myself. It’s usually when I’m really pushed up against a deadline, I know I need to make something happen, and the creative juices are just *not* showing up to meet me.

It’s at this time I used to push through. “Hustle, Bon!” I’d command of myself.

And I’d frustratedly give up — or worse, call it “good enough” when I knew it was shit.

I’ve since gotten wise to the hustle… to the type of hustle I *need* to engage in… everything is flowing a lot more beautifully. A lot more easily. A lot more successfully and in hugely fulfilling ways.

What’s required is something I call “aligned hustle.”

Because even when up against a deadline or pressures of society or family or friends or expectations of our own — heck, *especially* when it’s any of that — it’s ridiculously important to stop. Take a break. Take a walk. Take a nap.

The clock will tick. You’ll be sure it was a bad idea to stop pushing. But then something happens in the breaths between, in the space you’re finally giving yourself: You get lined up for it.

And aligned hustle feels way different — way better.

Wait for it. Don’t push, don’t force, don’t storm the gates one second before you’re all lined up with the energy that makes you the storyteller you were born to be. It’s amazing the energetic shift that comes with that one little detail, and how much faster and farther you will soar.

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Woo HOO!

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  1. Sean Frost November 17, 2015 at 4:16 am

    Reminds me of getting ready to lift a heavy weight, like on a bench press when I used to do them. You can’t afford to be thinking of anything else when you’ve got 300 pounds bearing down on your chest gotta get your mind right. Get in the moment. Focus. Then and ONLY then: push.

  2. Joe J Thomas November 17, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for the insightful post. I agree… Feeling the flow, or having a sense of zen about your day is important to me. Driving yourself into a frenzy to try to do everything is just insane. It steals from your focus and overall drive.

    A few weeks back, I had an interesting discussion on Marketing with some other voice acting pros. A lot of what I believe ties in… forget the mass emails, cold calling, branding, etc. It’s all wind and motion, but ultimately, what was accomplished? Better to be yourself, and connect with people in person, or at least one-on-one.

    Here’s the post if you’d like to read it:


  3. Bonnie Gillespie December 4, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Joe — Right! ON! 🙂

    Sean — That’s a great analogy. Love it!


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