Every time we set out on anything that we feel will help us accomplish a goal — no matter what — we’re gonna miss stuff. Life’s gonna get in the way. We’re gonna have the best of intentions, we’re gonna set ourselves up for success in every way possible, and we’re still gonna miss a class, skip some homework, fall short on accountability, bail on the workout, sleep in, “fail.”

Yet we continue to set goals. And thank goodness for that, right?

Because every time we’re engaged in any of this, we’re moving forward, and that’s getting us closer to the ultimate goal. However slowly, we’re inching forward.

Sadly, among many creatives out there, there is this tendency to NOT get something going because it’s not yet perfect. As Dakota Shepard shared in the latest edition of The Actors Voice: POV, sometimes it takes the shape of doing too much data-gathering, too much research, too much prep. If we keep mapping out possible routes to success but never take the journey, well… let’s not find out how that feels. Okay?

As I’ve always said, Self-Management for Actors is not about overturning a system; it’s about mastering one — your own. As the great studio exec Peter Guber says, “There are no rules; but you break them at your peril.” Our job is, yes, to get educated about what this business is all about, but never to be too worried about “getting it wrong.”

I’ve shared this before, but please take a moment to watch this quick vid about Evel Knievel and think about how folks are more likely to remember our brand alignment and *that we went for it* than that we weren’t quite ready or didn’t have everything “perfect” first.

We *will* get stuff wrong. When my lovely stepson comes to town every summer, the first thing his dad says upon picking him up from the airport is this: “We’re gonna get five things wrong today. Let’s go find out what’s first!” Think about the freedom that comes from being parented to understand that it’s okay to screw up! That turns it into an adventure to figure out how the solution to “Oops! Keys are locked in the car,” is, “Good thing we have AAA!” That makes it safe to fail because the only true failure is never starting due to fear of getting it wrong.

Look, we’re gonna get stuff wrong. We’re human. It’s a part of our journey to fail. And most “failure” doesn’t really matter in the big scope of things. But to not launch due to not yet being perfect? That’s resistance to the extreme. As the lovely Kristen Mae Carbone once said about launching her website, “The wrong shade of purple isn’t keeping me from getting hired, but obsessing over the exact shade of purple is keeping me from doing things that WILL HELP me get hired.”

Here. Tweet this: “The goal is not PERFECTION; the goal is getting OUT THERE. Get your tools BETTER, then launch at 85%.” — @BonnieGillespie #SMFAninjas

It’s not about starting at zero; it’s about getting well-informed, controlling what things you can (there aren’t a lot of ’em in this biz, but you can bet I’ve covered ’em), feeling “ready enough,” and then LAUNCHING.

What are you holding off on doing because it’s not yet perfect? Would you say it’s nearing 85% readiness? If not, inch it closer. If so, freakin’ launch already! Your buyers — and your fans — are waiting!

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