All I have written about Mars entering Gemini on the August 20, 2022 block of my paper calendar are the words:

Here we go!

🔥 Mars is our planet of war.
👯‍♀️ Gemini is the sign of communication.

Rather than the usual 8 weeks Mars spends in each sign, today kicks off more than 7 MONTHS of this combo, giving the Gemini house in our birth charts a NICE, LONG VISIT. 😳

Mars in Gemini 2022 - Astro-Seek Graphic
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Mars is going aaaaaaaaallllll the way through Gemini, then we enter retrograde illusion in our visual relationship with the little red planet and it goes aaaaaaaaalllllllll the way back to the start of Gemini, then we exit our retrograde illusion and Mars gets to go aaaaaallllllllllll the way through Gemini AGAIN.

We’re going to be VERY ❣️ sure we’ve learned what Mars came to Gemini to teach us.

Keep an eye on where this is happening in your natal chart so you can get a feel for WHERE the lessons will show up.

(Remember the formula: Planets are the WHAT, signs are the HOW, and houses are the WHERE all of that shows up in our lives.)

Astrological Houses KEYWORDS - Bonnie Gillespie
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That’s my HOUSE PARTY keywords map if you need a little guide to the astrological houses in your natal chart. (If you need help rendering your natal chart… starting from scratch… please hit my FREE training, What Your Birthday Says About You. That workbook alone is gem-filled, without being overwhelming. I’ve gotchuu!)

Personally, rather than getting into fights in the comments (or getting sexy in the DMs), I’m spending this energy boost to my 9H largely *off* social so I can create my Chart Harmony oracle cards, journals, workbooks, app, and my next BOOK! 🚀

Mala and Bon Summer 2022
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And of course, spending time with the glorious lovebug that is Mala. 🐶📿 (Yes, I promise, I’ll share a peek of our adventures now and then.)

We’ll also be jamming at the Chart Harmony Discord server 👾 on the daily, if that’s something you’d like to check out.

Here’s my post on the Insta if you’d like to consume it there. Feel free to leave comments below. I’m not on hiatus from this space. 🥰

Mars in Gemini 2022 - What to Expect
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Mars in Gemini 2022 - Chart Harmony
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Mars in Gemini 2022 - Bonnie Gillespie
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Excited to see how you make the most of this FIRE! 🔥👯‍♀️

You’ve got this!

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