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gemini paint by number

Gemini Moon brings some energy! (If you felt like you could nap all day under Taurus Moon, the WHOOSH of Gemini Moon will be a big shift.) One of the Gemini twins is curious and mischievous. The other is clever and charming. Gemini energy can keep you awake at night as the twins host a debate in your brain. To connect with this vibe:

~ “Air sign it out” (talk — even out loud just to yourself — to process everything)
~ multitask, or better yet, engage in time blocking (20 minute dedicated intervals of focus, then STOP, take a break, and shift to another topic)
~ practice music — especially using instruments that require your hands (guitar, piano, any of the woodwinds)
~ engage in a breathwork session (Gemini rules the lungs — see my post on Body Parts Ruled by Signs for more on that)
~ learn something new (Gemini Moon is a great time to catch up on your Duolingo or any other app that helps you develop a new skill)
~ livestream (Gemini Moon loves connecting on social media)
~ take a short trip — something close to home — to explore what’s new in your own ‘hood

Enjoy the curiosity and cleverness of this mentally active shift in the moon! ❤️ It can be a time to get a lot done if you know how to harness the energy. It can also be a frustrating time of scatteredness if you try to make the Gemini Moon something it’s not. Lean INTO the multitasking swirl of *squirrel* energy! It is safe to leave things unfinished and come back to them! In fact… sometimes that’s genius.

Chart Harmony with the Moon in Gemini

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Enjoy the squirrel swirl!

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