When the Moon shifts into Aquarius, we’re up for another “can’t shut the brain off” overnight or two, thanks to all that Air, swirling about.

Chart Harmony - Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is a busy-brained idealist with visions for a future that benefits the collective. Always happy to think outside the box, let their freak flag fly, and care not at all what you think about them, Aquarius teaches us detachment.

Aquarius Moon info - Use Your Moons

During the Aquarius Moon, meet with a group. Do some future-tripping. Try something innovative. Practice that IDGAF energy this sign of the zodiac is famous for. Use all these brilliant ideas to fill up your idea file for those times when you need an idea and can’t come up with one!

Natal Aquarius Moon - Chart Harmony

Thanks to this Chart Harmony tour through all 12 signs of the zodiac (with the Moon as our guide), you’re learning how to Use Your Moons rather than being surprised by the shifts in energy that happen every couple o’ days.

Chart Harmony testimonial

When I started letting the Moon move me rather than pushing against her, a whole new level of connection opened up for me. I’m more in touch with my emotions without being dominated by them. I’m more understanding of the encounters I have. More forgiving. More in tune with nature and the natural state of grace we all have access to when we’re living in integrity with our fullest selves.

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We’re almost at the end of this series… I’m thinking about doing one on the phases of the Moon next. OF COURSE I’m using this Aquarius Moon to come up with lots of good ideas… and I’ll do all the sifting and sorting and refining and executing under another Moon. Can you guess which one?

Hop over to the Pisces Moon here. Head back here for the Capricorn Moon edition.

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