I’m tired.

I’m overworked.

I’m launching a new business that is, frankly, exhausting me.

I’m scared.

I’m deep in my resistance.

But I had a dream in the wee hours that has been my motivation all day long.

I dreamed that the next location for our ongoing Self-Management for Actors Seminars has a huge picture window that looks out upon a red carpet complete with step-and-repeat and loads of eager photographers, snapping away.

On that red carpet?

A parade of Class Rules! alumni, all smiling at their adoring public, basking in the dream-come-true-ness of it all.

And occasionally a Class Rules!-er on the red carpet waves at us, on the other side of the window, in SMFA class, building the next generation destined for that walk.


It felt so good to be a part of that ride somehow… and that’s what’s keeping me going today, while my resistance would rather I not get my work done for this new venture.

Thank you for that!

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  1. Francesca August 30, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Keep listening to your heart and your dreams. They sound positively prophetic. Love you x


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