Hello beautiful people! So excited for more Chart Harmony action with y’all!

Today, we’re gonna examine which hours of the day may be best suited for your intense focus (or intense relaxation, should that be more of what you need right now) based on the 7 visible astrological planets. You know what your needs are. But have you considered that there are certain times of the day that you are more likely to align with those types of needs?

We’re going micro, y’all! This all ties in with our planetary days of the week and of course all the bigger-picture calendar focus we do as we review the Aligned Hustle Calendar each month. But now we’re talking mood-changes and focus-shifts all throughout the day.

Planetary Hours Woo Woo Wednesday
Click that image to go to the Planetary Hours website.

Not feeling in the mood to declutter? Check the planetary hours (using this site [it’s been wonky lately], this graphic, this app, my FAVORITE planetary hours app, or a good Google of “planetary hours calculator” for your part of the world) and set a reminder for Saturn‘s next hour. You’ll be ready to dig in on letting go at that time.

Want to write but you’re feeling blocked? You know to look for Mercury‘s next hour, set that alarm, and then GO for all things communication. Yay! (Also… have you woken up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night, unable to turn your brain off and go back to sleep? It’s Mercury hour then too and you might as well get up and get something written.)

You can use Venus hour to get frisky or to deal with issues of money and value. This is a wonderful hour in which to get a haircut or take a selfie!

You can focus on anything you’d like to see get really expansive or bring a swirl of luck to during Jupiter‘s hour. Jupiter takes what we start with and adds glitter!

The Moon‘s next hour will help you tune into your emotional body and heal. This is also likely why there’s that whole “OMG, I’m so tired I could face-plant at my computer” moment after a nice big writing sprint (that took place during Mercury hour, of course). Moon hour is GREAT for a nap!

Step into the spotlight when it’s the Sun‘s hour. Let yourself strut and be seen! Feel yourself! And rejoice for how well you’re sourced while you’re at it.

And of course, if you’re feeling extra SHARP with people, it’s likely Mars‘ hour. Pro tip: Find your motivation to GSD (get shit done) when Mars is in charge. Seriously. Use that fire! Try not to cut a bitch.

Obviously, these 7 planets (yes, I know the Sun and Moon are not planets, but writing “planets and luminaries” every damn time is exhausting. You know what I mean over here, y’all) have way more meaning than these simplified suggestions. Your master list remains here. (Or, if you’ve not yet done my amazingly straightforward free astrology/numerology training, start that process here.)

What can you do to align yourself to get things done throughout your day using the power of these planetary alignments? What would create Chart Harmony for you? I’d love to know! Comments remain open just below AND in the dojo for members of course (be sure to sign up for this month’s Zoom while you’re there).

I should also mention that this month I’m hosting a FREE livestream to plan out your 2021 using astrology and numerology. Put it on your calendar for Friday, December 18th at 12pm PST and I’ll see you there! [REPLAY of that goodness is over here.]

(Hey, use one of those handy planetary hours resources linked above to calculate what sort of energy we’ll be experiencing at the start of my livestream. Can you tell? Share your thoughts!)

So much love flowing your way,

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