I love working with creatives. Showbiz storytellers, writers, creative entrepreneurs… this swirling energy of CREATION, of BUILDING is so prevalent in my world and it really jazzes me to plug in with folks who take on problems from a POV of, “What’s the most creative way to come at this?”

During a recent livestream, I was talking through one of my favorite things we do with this enoughness work: really getting into the FEELING place of the life of your dreams.

Here’s what I mean: There’s a version of each of us out there in the future. It doesn’t have to be that far out in the future. It could be years from now, sure. It could also be days. But there’s this version of each of us that is living out more of our dreams than we may be right this second.

Whether it’s a version of ourselves with more money in the bank, maybe on the set of a film we’ve always wanted to star in, perhaps it’s us in a loving relationship the likes of which we’ve only ever imagined possible, whatever it might be… it’s still US. It’s just *future* us.

Here’s the problem, though. Without getting *too* geeky here, when we think about our future selves, the prefrontal medial cortex goes dark (just like it does when we think of strangers). Basically, we lack familiarity, empathy, CONNECTION — at a neurological level — with our future selves. Yet, we spend most of our lives striving to get to BE that version of ourselves.

Weird, right?

So, a big part of my work — specifically in guiding creatives to their most blissed-out selves — is about helping your brain LIGHT UP as if it’s right here, right now, when you’re thinking about future you.

Because the more that part of the brain fires off signals of recognition, the FASTER good things can happen in your life and STICK (as opposed to that annoying tendency to have a good thing happen, then crash back down below where you started, have another good thing happen, but then another backslide, repeat, repeat, repeat).

During the aforementioned livestream, someone said — about a vision from his next-tier life — “I’ll know it when I see it.” And I took that opportunity to correct that phrase, to make it more neurologically accurate.

“You’ll know it when you FEEL it.”

Based on the way the brain fires off its bajilliondy signals, it’s a FEELING we’re looking for. That gut instinct. That *knowing* when we meet a new person we CLICK with. That satisfying yet tingly sensation when an opportunity comes around that just. feels. right.


That part.

When’s the last time you honored that part of your mind-body communication?

As you look for signs that you’re on the right path as you live out your creative career and life, consider that it’s a feeling you’re “looking” for. And make sure you get still often enough to be able to pick up on signals you may already be getting about what the next right move may be.

Have a good weekend, loves! Get ready for some yummy free training (like we always do, year-end). And keep tuning in for your own KNOWING. It’s glorious. As are you. 😉

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