SAG Indie Rocks

For all the times I’ve wished the SAG Indie agreements were available online (and not just the wee summaries), I think it’s finally happened. (Of course, I’d still love love love to see the TALENT contracts online!)
from the SAG indie blog
In fact, they had a fancy big roll-out for the DGA last week. More on that here. Very excited to attend the contract workshop on the 14th. That’ll rock.
Great dinner meeting with the producer and director of Shrinks last night, after an amazing day with the PARF gang. Such wonderful kids–and cool parents too. Great weekend, all around.
Happy exhale that my computer isn’t dead, despite the fact that all maintenance software tried to tell me it was. Ah. Seems none of that software works on Tiger. Okey doke. Time to buy new software, not buy a new hard drive. Phew!
Have to get a script read, pronto, as there’s another casting gig on the horizon, if I decide I like the project. Just a really instant-casting job, though, as they shoot their first scene 7/25. Ack! So much going on. Love it, though.
No sign of that day off. Hm…

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  1. Debra July 5, 2005 at 11:43 pm

    Hmmmmm. Verrrrry interesting changes being made there with those agreements! That’s definitely going to spice things up a bit. I would love to attend that workshop!