In our Expansive Capacity mastermind, we’re diving deep on Your Relationship with Manifestation.

Okay, before you roll your eyes at the woo of it all, let’s get some science going here: The brain is bombarded with approximately 60,000 individual messages a day. (Okay, sure, we *could* be at the lower end of the research, here — around 12,000 thoughts per day. But I believe creatives are probably at the high end of the spectrum… especially while we’re trying to SLEEP, right?!? 😉 Ha ha!)

Approximately 95% of the thoughts we have in a day are identical to the thoughts we had the day before.

When we want to change what we get in life — whether that’s the love of our lives, a million dollars, the role of our dreams, freedom like we’ve never experienced, or anything else — we have to use that wee 5% space to allow for the possibility that something else is even possible. Luckily, perceptual sets will help us do that. It’s why we see the exact THING we want to buy once we decide we want it. It’s everywhere. (More science and a fun example of perceptual sets at work.)

Of course, thanks to confirmation bias — a big player in how the mind makes meaning — without even realizing we’re doing it, we actively go looking for things that confirm what we believe. And we find it. So we continue to believe what we believe.

Remember… we’ve only got 5% of that brainspace to use to build up momentum for the things we WANT to bring into our lives. This is why we have to be deliberate in our thoughts. This is why we create space for future-tripping, journaling about future versions of ourselves in which we are living exactly what we want to live. This is why I guide the mastermind through workouts that create change (and fast).

Ah… and then we “align as-if” (not LIVE as-if. That’s not how the work of this really gets done).

I’m going to share more about the HOW of this in my next livestream — it’s just a few hours from now and you can catch me at Facebook or at YouTube at 11:30am PDT (translate that to your timezone here). [Scroll down for the replay!]

But for now, here’s a step I’d love for you to take because it’s at the core of why we make it harder on ourselves to USE that little 5% of brainspace to even create the possibility for having *everything* we want in life — personally or population-wide — STOP HIGHLIGHTING WHAT’S NOT WORKING.

We spend a LOT of time explaining why things are how they are. How things got bad. Why things are hard. All the things we’ve tried and how they’ve not worked. It’s as though we believe that in order to justify why we want the things we want for ourselves and for the future at large, we have to itemize all the ways things suck or where all the wrong turns were taken… just running a highlighter over what we WANT TO CHANGE. What we NO LONGER WANT.

By doing that, we are drawing the universe’s attention to that lack (there’s the woo-woo part for you) and we’re also maintaining the perceptual sets, running all sorts of confirmation bias, and continuing to get what we’ve always gotten.

Stop running a highlighter over what needs to change. Start running it over the vision you have for how things *can* be.

It’s a seemingly small distinction we’re talking about here, but it’s one that makes a ton of difference in some truly magical ways. And since there’s only 5% of our brainspace we’re dealing with here… we need a little magic to help make our dreams a reality.

I’m stoked to chat about this with you during the livestream. See you there?

Meanwhile, scroll down and share your thoughts with me on this! I love hearing from you.

All my love,

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  1. Sean Frost August 19, 2020 at 3:19 am

    this reminds me of “murder your darlings“, that thing that you have to remember if you want your writing your editing, indeed to come out of your life, to work efficiently and for its highest good. Since we only have a limited space to work with, if that is so, then it is necessary to stop pouring over negative useless comfortable habitual thoughts and focus instead on things that are useful, beneficial, good, forward thinking; things that will get you where are you are supposed to go, not remind you of where you messed up in the past. Otherwise it’s like being told that you can’t sing, you can’t sing, you can’t sing, you have no talent for it, rather than focusing on this is how you can sing better. Even if you have no talent for it, maybe a good work ethic will get you down the road toward being a better singer.

    1. Bonnie Gillespie August 19, 2020 at 3:45 pm

      Eyes on the prize! Yes! It’s all about focusing on where we’re headed, not where we started. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Castile August 19, 2020 at 8:33 am

    Hey there Ms. Bonnie,
    My name is Jonathan, and I’ve been a fan of yours for a few years now. I love your book and your “thought process” ideas and coaching. I’m compelled to write today because I received your email about NOT highlighting the “didn’t works” and focusing on the True North. I’m my head I made it into a GPS scenario (do not look back on your GPS focusing on a different route yoi could have taken, a road closure, or some construction hangup, because if you do then your not focussed and could miss your next turn) that kinda thing. Anyway, I’m saying all of this to tell you- thank you. Thank you for being a wonderful cheerleader for us all. Everyone has a rough story they can tell, so I’ll simply say that I dont have the vocabulary skills to communicate to you how very much I sincerely needed to hear that message today. Much love. J

    1. Bonnie Gillespie August 19, 2020 at 3:46 pm

      Jonathan, this is lovely and wonderful. THANK YOU! I love the GPS analogy and how looking at all the turns you could’ve taken do nothing to get you where you’re going. YES!! 🙂 Thank you for being moved to share today. Truly appreciate it!


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