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leo paint by number

Well helllllllo, Leo Moon! Don’t you look FABULOUS!

Leo Moon is when we strut, y’all. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and that heart-centered see-me vibe is why we all celebrate our life-giving value in the world (and our great hair days) at this time. Honor this royalty as follows:

~ wear gold, orange, or yellow
~ bask in the Sun
~ get frisky, be playful, have FUN
~ promote yourself — it’s a service to the world that you have something to offer, so SHARE about it
~ wear frankincense, eat citrus, do heart-opening yoga poses

Since Leo also represents our childlike glee, it’s a great time to break out the art supplies and create something, or go sing karaoke with friends, or just go blow bubbles in the park and run around like you used to. Recapture the JOY that’s still within you.

What will you choose to do? And where is this showing up in your natal chart? That house is what’ll be all lit up for these few days.

Chart Harmony for the Moon in Leo

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Make sure we can all hear you roar! 😉

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