Well hello! It’s been a minute!

I was thinking about connection. About our connection with one another. Human to human. Y’know… that stuff.

I think I’ve got it all boiled down to one main thing that anyone wants to know, ever, when it comes to relating with other people.

“How can you make my life better?”

When I receive emails — let’s say the sender is asking “How do I get an agent?” — what they’re really asking is, “Can you make my life better?”

Because the answer to “How do I get an agent?” is in my book. In lots of books, frankly. It’s also just a good Google away. (I have a free 75-minute vid on YouTube that’s a masterclass in the Self-Management for Actors agent targeting method. You’re welcome.)

But to write in with that question is to invite connection. It’s to see if I can, indeed, make their life better. And how I might attempt to show I can do that.

When someone is snarky on social media, they’re begging for connection. And they’re asking “Will you make my life better?” …by doing something like pushing back at them. That pushback is, for most, a coming together. A closeness. A connection. Twisted as it is.

While I’ve learned that I cannot always make someone’s life better — like, I’m way more likely these days to bless and block than to engage with trolling comments — I do enjoy recognizing that this is what most folks are looking for.

And I’m enjoying looking for ways *I* am asking “How can you make my life better?” through my attempts at connection with others… all the while enjoying RECEIVING a lot of outreach from others that I know is all code for “How can you make my life better?” too.

Lately, one of the biggest intersections of connection in my life has been around the part of my life that involves being the daughter of a prominent astrologer. I’m doing a lot of making others’ lives better through, y’know, helping them get to know themselves in totally new ways.

bonnie gillespie rachel lang astrology for creatives

One of the reasons you’ve not heard from me in a bit is because I’ve been building something with my friend and collaborator, astrologer Rachel Lang. If you want to see us having a bunch of fun talking about today’s eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and some big astro that’s at play for all of us right now, click here. We also announce our new venture, Astrology for Creatives. I’m SO flippin’ excited to help more of you in this beautifully-structured way!

How can you make someone’s life better? And how can you begin to see connection from others as an attempt to find out the answer to that question, all day long?

No, I’m not saying put others before yourself so much that you become a doormat. I’m asking you to consider CONNECTION as an opportunity for creating improvement for all involved.

I mean, isn’t storytelling — that thing we’re all here to do for a living — about connection? About making others’ lives better? Even if just for a fleeting moment in which they got a laugh or a smile or a chance to FEEL something real?

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments just below.

And if you’d like to join Rachel and me for our new course, you can grab your spot here.

Sending so much love your way,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

[REPLAY: Astrology for Creatives – Rachel Lang and Bonnie Gillespie]

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  1. Andy L. June 11, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    Thanks for this Bon Blast. Really needed it right now. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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