Your column on resumés was really helpful but I still have a question. My daughter, 10, has done lots of theatre work — no leading roles — but wants to transition into TV/film. Should we not even put any theatre work on her resumé? If so she has no other credits.

For most auditions I have found they want a resumé, so what should be on it when you’re lacking credits?

Also, can you recommend legit agencies for us to try and or respectable places that put out auditions we can apply for? Sorry, I’m very new to this and I have a feeling most places on the Internet are a scam. Much help is appreciated.

Thank You Very Much,
Sherry Wood, RN

Hiya Sherry. Great questions! Definitely, you want to include theatre credits on a starter resumé (revisit that column for tips) because any professional experience (or even pre-professional experience with legitimate productions in your market) helps with the risk assessment component of casting. Basically, an actor who has done a few plays is lower risk than one who has never been on a set or a stage or in a class. So, yes. Keep those credits on the resumé.

As for agents, I’m going to say it may be early to be looking for an agent, if your daughter hasn’t had a run of the “copy, credit, meals” level projects on which she can submit through sites like Actors Access (for the full list of legitimate resources for agent-free auditioning, click here). Certainly, once she’s at the stage where she’s starting to go out on projects that pay, an agent will be required to negotiate the rate and take commission on the work. But there’s plenty of work a newer actor can do ’til that time, to build up experience and relationships.

Regarding scams on the Internet, *sigh* yeah. They’re out there. Luckily, so are some amazing free resources where you can check the legitimacy of any company BEFORE parting ways with your money. I recommend you bookmark and visit frequently these two sites: BizParentz (a non-profit organization that works tirelessly on behalf of young actors) and PARF (a free message board created by and moderated by parents of young actors, meant to be a resource for families looking to work in show business). Also read my archived article, Scam Season, for shady behaviors to look out for, as you consider any “opportunity” you find online.

Good luck to you and to your daughter! Keep me posted on how it goes for you.

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  1. Avatar Joseph Bartolotta May 3, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Hi Bonnie.
    Thanks for shedding some light on the myths of rushing to get into the unions and needing an agent right away. I’m returning to the business after a break and have been attending many workshops with casting directors and agents. It’s comes naturally for me to shoot for the stars and aim at opportunities that could help me level up. But I can see how glossing over opportunities to update my resume and build work relationships could be like shooting myself in the foot. I’ve been feeling that this might be what I’m missing in my strategy lately and finding your blog came at just the right time to solidify those feelings. Opening my mind more 🙂


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