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One of my favorite things about sharing astrology with y’all is that I can help you understand not JUST yourself more deeply but the people you encounter every day. I know for some of you, before Expansive Capacity, you knew “your sign” and that was the end of it. Now, some of you know about most of your planetary placements, your houses, and so much more! Woo HOO!

So, today, I’m going to simplify the signs for those of you who may still be looking for basics with all of this (and EVERYONE can benefit from the basics now and then). We’re going to talk about how we can understand each sign of the zodiac by juxtaposing it against its opposite sign (the one directly six months across from it, on the wheel of time).

Obviously, these are overly simplified ways of looking at the signs, but they’ll make it easy for you to remember what’s across from any particular sign. The reason this is valuable is that you’ll always be able to keep up with your full moons! Like this week’s full moon was in Virgo. We’re currently in Pisces season. So OF COURSE the Pisces season full moon would be in Virgo… the opposite sign.

Knowing this will help you remember what to release for each full moon (release the things that are attached to the sign that full moon will be in, based off seeds you planted in that new moon just about six months earlier). Cool, right? Let’s dive in!

Aries and Libra — this is war and peace. An Aries is a Libra with the ability to make a decision. A Libra is an Aries who has impeccable manners.

Taurus and Scorpio — this is devotion and obsession. A Taurus is a Scorpio who loves to work in the garden. A Scorpio is a Taurus who gets kinky in the bedroom.

Gemini and Sagittarius — this is science and philosophy. A Gemini is a Sagittarius who actually got to the point while telling a story. A Sagittarius is a Gemini who travels the world.

Cancer and Capricorn — this is home and work. A Cancer is a Capricorn with a heart. A Capricorn is a Cancer with boundaries.

Leo and Aquarius — this is the self and the group. A Leo is an Aquarius with high enoughness. An Aquarius is a Leo with a moral compass.

Virgo and Pisces — this is order and chaos. A Virgo is a Pisces who has their shit together. A Pisces is a Virgo with feelings.

Use these easy-to-remember juxtapositions to help you practice hopping around the zodiac, checking for patterns in your own personal research about the various people you encounter. Have fun with this!

A great way to keep up with easy shortcuts like these is by following some of the fun astrology meme accounts on Instagram. My favorites are Co-Star Astrology and Sanctuary World. Of course, for the deeper dives on all things astro, my three go-to ladies are Debra Silverman (Astrology Answers), Natalie Walstein (Soulshine Astrology), and Aliza Rose (Business Mystic).

We’ll continue to jam about all this and our March topic of Your Relationship with Money over in the comments at the dojo. If you haven’t already done so, head over there to register for our Zoom mastermind!

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