The other day I saw this awesome graphic by Mary Kokinda out there online.

It depicts the fear zone, the learning zone, and the growth zone.

Specifically, it lays out behaviors and mindsets that live within each of these three zones during our current health crisis.

Bonnie Gillespie 3 Zones Fear Learning Growth by Mary Kokinda
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Now, I’m not one to believe we can *always* be our best selves. Sometimes the conditions just make that really challenging. But as someone who is relentlessly committed to her own sobriety, her own mental and emotional health, her own core relationships, her own financial wellness, her own resting state of enoughness… I do know that irrespective of conditions, I can do my part to spend more time in learning and growth zones than in the fear zone.

It’s a choice.

Sometimes it might be a really really really intensely tough choice with loads of reasons to stay pegged all the way over in fear… but ultimately, we do control our setpoint for so much of what we experience in our lives and once we’re aware that so much of what we’re feeling is grief, we can give ourselves grace for the times we tumble out of the learning or growth zones and down into the fear zone.

If you haven’t seen Liz Gilbert’s conversation with Chris Anderson and Helen Walters about this feeling of overwhelm so many of us are carrying around and wondering what to do with, please take an hour and watch it.

In this talk, Liz covers something she taught me in Fiji just six weeks ago — a daily process in which she engages, wherein she writes to LOVE and LOVE writes back. I’m going to be spending time talking more about this soon because it’s so filled with impact and something that is incredibly helpful at times like these (and always).

If you missed my livestream about Liz’s advice on being relaxed — another bit of her teaching I’m coming to rely on — the replay is here.

I know you’re bombarded with stuff right now so I’m going to end here. I’m deeply invested in spending time with those in our community who are scrambling to make sense of so much and of course, I’m here for you in that regard as well. Please know you can always count on our free resources. You can join us to go deeper (especially if using this time to get all your tools and mindset ON POINT because OMG will production be ramped up into the highest gear under a new normal — and you want to be READY). You can always reach me with the #SMFAninjas hashtag out on social media or with a reply to any BonBlast. I’ve got you. And you’ve got this!

Just stay curious about what you may learn next. Learn about yourself. Learn about the world. Learn about what matters.

It’s all gonna be all right.

All my love,

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  1. Dale April 17, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Bonnie, did Mary Kokinda prepare this graphic? If so, do you have an original source website (or similar) of Mary’s I can refer to? Thank you, Dale


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