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numerology 4 paint by number

Starting at midnight wherever you live, Friday the 16th is a “4 day,” numerologically.

4 days (or 4 months, or 4 years) are all about putting in the work. My mother, the astrologer, famously said: “In the 1 year, you get pregnant. In the 2 year, you either abort or knit booties. In the 3 year, the baby is born and we celebrate. In the 4 year, you’ve got a kid to send to college so you’d better get to WORK.” Again, “year” can also be “month” or “day” in Charlsie’s folksy overview.

It’s likely not shocking that Saturn helps us feel the 4. It’s more an Aquarius Saturn than a Capricorn Saturn, though. It’s active. It’s rolling up the sleeves. It’s building a better future in new ways. Like all things Saturn, think structure. Think baseline criteria. Think no frills, just the work. For our more flowy, Jupiter-ruled folks, 4 can feel like “Cinderelly, Cinderelly,” while for our upholders and more nervous types (I’m lookin’ at you, Virgos), a 4 day feels like order.

To make the most of a 4 day, get to work! Plan ahead for your 4 days like you plan ahead for Virgo Moons! It’s time to grab that list, knock things OFF it, and probably start writing up a new one. This is a blend of the Chart Harmony colors black and green. Simplified focus yields a good payday.

Clock in, y’all!

Chart Harmony for Numerology 4

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