This is from a series at our Chart Harmony Discord server… scroll down for the link if you’d like to join us there for all the good convos we have going on there. 😉 For the quick how-to on the adding up of all the numbers, the numerology of 1 post covers that, right here. Okay… let’s party!

numerology 5 paint by number

Starting at midnight wherever you live, Saturday the 17th is a “5 day,” numerologically.

5 days (or 5 months, or 5 years) bring in the party vibe. There’s a streak of rebellion to the 5 energy. It’s clever and unpredictable and up for anything. To continue yesterday’s metaphor from my mom, now you’ve got that kid off to school… it’s time to celebrate, big time!

Of course, swinging from the chandeliers can have its costs. 😉 Be sure you’re ready for the reckless, playful, almost irresponsible energy the 5 can bring. Astrologically, the 5 has the shape-shifter vibe of Mercury-ruled Gemini. All that Air. All that Mutability. All that charm to always get away with whatever trouble we may get into.

Enjoy the friskiness of this day (or month, or year). It’s a sigh of relief after the hard work of the 4, and it’s a good bit of whimsy before a pretty serious couple o’ days/months/years to follow. (Check back tomorrow for that, of course.)

Chart Harmony for Numerology 5

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Have FUN, y’all!

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