A Wee Bit Freaked Out

Wow, that’s pretty dang cool.
I visited my little books on Amazon.com and found that Self-Management for Actors has a sales rank of 8,187 and Casting Qs has a sales rank of 9,145. Now, considering the fact that I nearly lost it when each book ONCE hit below 100,000 in sales rank, this was a pretty freaky discovery. Not one that I minded, mind you. Tee hee.
Since that visit earlier (seeing as I’m the “gotta check back and see if that’s really real or if I dreamt it” kinda gal), Casting Qs has dropped down to a much more likely sales rank of 329,245, but for cryin’ out loud, that was a cool couple of hours there! Yeah… I take it where I can get it.
Spending lots of quality time over at Dalt’s Gang lately, which is way fun.
It’s been a big week…
Got invited by the SAG Casting Committee to be the first CD of the month at SAG‘s May 12th Casting Director Workshop. If you’re a SAG member and want to try and be there, you’ll have to call the Seminar and Showcase Hotline at 323.549.6435 between noon and 1:30pm on Monday the 10th. I’m very excited!
Also got invited to speak at the SAG Conservatory at AFI in July. Kick ass! That is so gonna rock!
And, received a letter today asking me to moderate a panel on Promoting and Marketing Yourself as an Actor at the 6th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival in June. Again, that is going to rock, big time!
I am just one super-excited gal right now.
Doing career counseling in a few hours. That’s always lots of fun. It seems as though everyone has decided that, since pilot season has ended, it is TIME to get that consulting session done! I got seven calls/emails THIS WEEK from new clients. Wow! Okay, universe… I HEAR you!
My life is just a very happy place right now. I’m so very blessed. Just really, really happy. What a good thing!

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