Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Hi again and happy woo!

As promised, here’s our little Woo-Woo Wednesday action, and this time we’re gonna dig in on a bit of Aligned Hustle Calendar magic!

This month’s woo-woo tip is about scheduling rolling task items. If you’re like me, there are a LOT of tasks in your life that just roll. Stupid shit that never gets done and never gets done until it finally gets done but it often has rolled from the day it entered your calendar, to-do list, reminder prompt, etc., maaaaaaannnnnyyyy times. And once it’s done, it’s just something you have to do again at some point.

For example, “Update SMFA Hot Sheets.” This is an item that entered my task list in April of 2014 (before that, it was called “Create SMFA Hot Sheets” and before that, “Decide what to call the book’s CTA PDFs” of course).

This is a job that is never done because information on these PDFs *changes.* Often. So, there’s this totally free GIVE that I create, maintain, and house (and deal with loads of “customer” service from non-buyers complaining their free thing password is wrong when they’re using the wrong one of three email addresses they’ve used to sign up for the free things multiple times). Ooh… wow… how’d that rant get by the doorman?

*deep breaths*

You can see how updating the SMFA Hot Sheets before each free quarterly SMFA Tune-Up call becomes an ongoing, ongoing, ongoing task, right? And not necessarily one that I’m highly motivated to make happen. However, I know that it’s a creator of good will in our community. It’s a wonderful value-add for the beloved book. It keeps that book in print longer than we’ve ever had a book in print because it’s NOT DATED thanks in part to these constantly-updated PDFs. And if we weren’t dealing with customer service about this free thing, it’d be about some other free thing, of course.

But if my choices are update the SMFA Hot Sheets or reply to comments in the Expansive Capacity membership space… um, I’ll choose what’s behind Door Number 2, please.

Okay, think about whatever your version of updating the SMFA Hot Sheets might be. Cleaning up your credits. Re-editing your clips. Updating the NEWS section on your website. Take your pick!

It can wait, right?

Here’s how I make sure the woo-woo is on my side with this stuff.

Yes, these are rolling tasks in Asana (you might prefer Trello or Airtable or Notion — I hear the last one is a great new show bible option), but the dates chosen for me to attempt to execute them are not arbitrary.

What types of days (moons, numerology) give me the best chance of knocking out updating some links or dated resources? Can you predict?

Riiiiiiiight. It’s no longer just about Mondays being a horrible day to contact an agent or Wednesdays being the best day to catch a sale at the department stores in the mall (both true).

Now it’s also about doing tasky things on tasky days. Numerologically, it’s a 1 day if you’re starting the task for the first time (but not for rolling tasks), a 4 day always works, 6 is decent if it’s a “housekeeping” type task (even updating your website can fit there depending on your brand), and 9 if you’re trying to close off that task once and for all!

Further, it’s an Aries moon especially to start the task for the first time, a Gemini moon when you can talk it all out as you’re doing it, that glorious Virgo moon for catching every last detail like you have X-ray vision, Libra moon if your tasks require balanced teamwork to make the magic happen, and of course that Capricorn moon will help you with career-related tasks in particular.

Remember with these moons that the day the moon goes into the sign is the most powerful of all the days it’s in that sign!

So… what are some magical “get shit done” days left in January?

Wednesday the 9th (it’s a 4 day)
Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th (moon in Aries)
Monday the 14th (good day to finish long-term things)
Tuesday the 15th (good day to start long-term things)
Thursday the 17th (talk it out; get creative)
Friday the 18th (Gemini moon PLUS a 4?!? You’re unstoppable!)
Wednesday the 23rd (finish things and focus on the details before that moon goes void)
Sunday the 27th (get to work but save some time for romance)

Ah… I’ve got ONE MORE CHANCE to have the whole universe behind me if I’m to stay on target for having the SMFA Hot Sheets updated before the SMFA Tune-Up call on Friday!

Is this starting to come together for you, lovelies? I hope to hear about it in the January membership space! (Head on over!) I’d especially love to know how you’re going to move things around on your schedule and — possibly more importantly — let yourself off the hook for “not feeling it” on days you’re not meant to!

All my love,

bonnie gillespie

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