I was asked today about my goals for 2019.

In crafting my response, I realized I didn’t want to lose what I wrote, so here are the words, for safe-keeping. 😉 This is not a BonBlast. This is not actor advice. This is just where I’m at right now, in front of a coach I’m working with.

Hello Helen and thanks for offering up this week of goodness. 🙂 I’ll be spending much of the week at our Desert Hot Springs getaway, so it’s a perfect time for basking and dreamscaping and all the other things that add magic to intentions. 🙂

Oh, quick note — I’m writing you back from my person-to-person email address. Please use ONLY the Gmail address for the course details and anything automated. 🙂 Part of how I run my empire is by having a really good air-traffic control system for my messaging. Thank you for respecting that!

In 2019, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of my life’s work (as defined by most people who know me/know of me), writing advice for actors for a living. We’re absolutely going to lean into this exciting anniversary with lots of incentives and fanfare and promotions for the existing offerings we have in this area, but I’m most interested in a bit of expansion that’s happening due to a very deep dive INWARD during 2018.

On December 26, 2017, in one of my many fitness classes per week, I felt a “catch” in my right hip. This would ultimately land me in the ER more than once and even include a hospital stay. MRIs, X-rays, specialists, bloodwork galore… all the tests and all the poking and prodding. A full quarter of the year spent on bedrest. Diagnosis? Nothing. Nothing physical. So… I spent the majority of 2018 on a mind-body healing journey, letting my business prove that it could run on its own (obviously, I have a spectacular team, so I don’t truly mean “on its own” but I had to trust a great deal of delegation and automation put in place BEFORE THE CATCH was doing its work so I could do mine).

My full-time job for 2018 was healing. Mind-body exploration. Upper-Limit Problem breakthroughs. Expansive spiritual and emotional work to rewire my brain’s need to dump debilitating pain onto my lower back and right hip. Loads of massages, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, breathwork, chakra balancing, you name it. I did it all.

And my business GREW.

As I brazenly shared *not* my usual showbiz advice for actors, but instead what was happening in MY LIFE, people came from all over the world to have me coach them on sobriety, weight loss, self-care, healthy relationship-building, astrology, numerology, entrepreneurship, and of course automating membership programs like mine (since it has taken such good care of us while I work on ME).


This brings me to the far bigger goals for 2019 which include staying curious about what all of this is meant to teach me and what I’m meant to do with these new gifts. Not new. Newly-discovered. Newly-honed. Newly-accepted.

Your email spoke to me and met my criteria of creating a gut PING that supported my immediate enrollment. So, yay! I’m looking forward to what we’ll discover together!

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