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It’s once again time for Superpower Sunday! 🙂

This is all about how we can implement teeny little changes that will turbocharge our *existing* superpowers so that we don’t dim our own lights due to inertia, stress, or any other upper-limit problem that comes around.

This month’s superpower is connecting with our resting state and the messages that are held in that space.

Backstory: I remember nearly a decade ago connecting with a friend who had realized she was “waking up knowing” every day. Meaning, she and I were having cocktails at the Huntley and talking about our lives and loves and businesses and she pitched to me “Woke Up Knowing,” a service in which you could pay her to dream for you.

I was fascinated!

Of course, she was simply leaning into exactly what was already happening for her in her own life and expanding it to be available to others upon their creative journey (Sound familiar?) and she assured me that we — all of us — wake up knowing. We just are VERY quick to start loading in all the outside junk, so it’s challenging to notice what, exactly, we woke up knowing.

We grab that phone. We check the news. We do the rounds on social media. We open email. We start filling up our minds with OUTSIDE information before even giving our INSIDE information a chance to connect fully with us, much less expand from us and out into the world to help others.

Today, we’re gonna lean into the superpower you’re already developing via the Day 5 orientation work — that extra time in bed thanking your body for showing up, asking where any of the physical indicators may be showing up to help you heal yourself or someone else with your art — and do a little Dark Diary work.


(Huge thank you to Laura D. for sharing this page from her Dark Diary.)

As you might imagine by the name, it’s a diary kept in the dark. Before you’ve turned on the light, before you’ve opened your eyes if your room is already “not dark” when you wake up… you journal. Here are Laura’s notes about this.

– Place a notepad and pen beside your bed so you can journal in the morning.

– When you wake up, do not turn on the light. Instead, in the dark or dimly lit space of your bedroom, reach for your pen and notepad and do your Morning Pages in the dark.

– This might hit your Resistance logically, because you might think, “I can’t write in the dark!” But just let it all flow out of you, your thoughts, your feelings, let it flow through pen onto paper.

– The goal is to free you from censorship, to truly get out of your head and be fully present in your other senses because you can’t see what you’re writing.

– Trust it, trust the flow, and let it all come flowing out of you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like because you can’t see it.

– What matters is that you’re connecting to yourself in a deeply, possibly primal way.

– Write until you’ve released what you need to and then go about your day! You can keep these notes for reference or you can throw them away. Whatever feels best for you.

– I prefer to keep these “Notes in the Dark” because I like to see if I can interpret them later. Often I find I connect to my intuition quite quickly this way.

I love this so much and I’m so grateful to you, Laura, for sharing this with your fellow masterminders. Outstanding!

Start doing a bit of Dark Diary work in the morning and share your thoughts and feelings about this process in the comment space of our January experience. If the homework itself is confronting, I wanna hear about it!

If you’d like to share some of your Dark Diary scribblings, be sure to tag your photos with #ExpansiveCapacity so we can celebrate your work!

Oh, and be sure you head over to the Welcome page to grab your February Aligned Hustle Calendar! I’m excited to hear about the magic you create every dang day!

Much love,

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