Wow. Thank you, TiVo. I don’t know what combination of shows I thumbs-upped to get you to record The Notebook for me, but DAMN, that’s a great little movie.

I had read recommendations from various friends about it, each advising readers to grab a big box of Kleenex before opening credits. The thing is, at about 90 minutes in or so, I had probably teared up at one point throughout the movie, and it didn’t feel like a big deal. But certainly, I was enjoying the sweet lovestory and REALLY finding the performances to be top-notch (I’d never seen Rachel McAdams in anything before–or at least I’d never really taken notice of her).

Then BAM! Holy crap, that hit me hard. I’m still just bawling!

Okay, so, lovely little independent film with absolutely gorgeous cinematography, a predictable (but you couldn’t possibly care, since it’s done so well) story, excellent actors, and just the right level of character investment before any attempts to send you crying equal a very positive review from me, just two years after the film was in theatres.

Starz Edge is airing it and I assume it’ll be in heavy rotation for a bit, if you (like me) procrastinate on seeing movies. Great for lovers, great for lost love, great for a good ol’ cry just when you need it.

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