THANK YOU for live-streaming your book signing yesterday, so we non-locals could “be there” with you! When are you coming to New York?

Your Biggest Fan

Ah, thanks. I’m so glad you were able to check out the USTREAM version of the book signing and Q&A I did at Barnes & Noble this weekend. (And thank you to Jim Greenleaf and Ryan Basham for doing the taping and streaming, handling Tweeted and USTREAM chat-based questions.) It was a good time and the footage from most of the Q&A is archived here, for those who missed it.

I actually have hired an event producer to coordinate my visits to other cities (mostly to colleges and universities, sometimes to private acting studios; I was in Atlanta and Athens just last month, in Sydney late last year) and he’s asked me to share this cool survey he made to try and find out where folks would like to have me show up and talk or teach. If you have a couple of minutes (seriously, less than five), we’d love it if you’d answer a few questions and help us work up my next few stops on the Self-Management for Actors tour. (And yes, New York is definitely at the top of our list. I was last there for a signing and Q&A at Drama Book Shop, six years ago for the first edition of SMFA.)

Anyway, thanks for your interest and for your help in putting together the next leg of the tour. Eager to meet you, but will see you online in the meantime.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated topic, I wanted to make sure those of you who have attempted to “fight the power” regarding IMDb and the listing of your age on your IMDb-Pro page are aware of a major change that happened last week. (I became aware of this via a discussion at Hollywood Happy Hour.) Actors who subscribe to the IMDb Resumé service now have the option of hiding their birthdate from their IMDb-Pro pages. No, this doesn’t remove the information entirely, but it does add another step or two for us to find out your age, so for those who have felt powerless, at least there’s an option to add a little distance between your age and our researching efforts, while we’re casting.

You can also add your Twitter or blog feed to your page, as well as claim a “vanity URL,” rather than having to use the number-based locator link. All of these options (and others) rolled out last week and are available via your IMDb Resumé account page. Hope that helps you out!

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