I’d like you to join me in an experiment.

I posted this as a story at my Instagram account. My inbox got flooded with, “Woof!” and “Oh yes, THIS!” and “I’m in!” So I posted it in my feed. And shared it at Facebook. And now I’m showing up here about it. It’s that important.

Especially because you’ve been with me through this celebration of SMF-mAy, I want to talk a bit about the coach in your head.

Your self-talk. Your perfectionism. Your overwhelm. Your impostor syndrome. Your self-doubt. Your upper-limit problem.

Got any of that?

So often, we beat ourselves up when things go wrong. We push ourselves to extremes and then treat ourselves really badly over the pile of exhaustion we collapsed into due to having pushed ourselves so hard. Essentially, we’re not very KIND to ourselves sometimes.

And here’s what I know.

If being hard on ourselves WORKED, we’d have everything we wanted in life by now. Our accomplishments would be stacked a mile high. We’d have all the joy and all the money and all the love in the world because we were hard on ourselves ENOUGH that we could make all that stuff happen.


That’s not so much how it works, is it?

Now, before you think I’m telling you to be lazy, phone it in, stop showing up for your commitments, or anything like that, please know there’s a difference between punking out all the time and giving yourself a break.

I’m asking that you engage in an experiment with me for the latter.

Just for the rest of this month, can you attempt behind KINDER on yourself than you may usually choose to be? Just for these few days, can we all engage in a little Enoughness experiment in which we just treat ourselves with kindness and love and self-care a little more? See if we grow and shine and actually DO BETTER than when we’re so hard on ourselves all the time?

I’m in for this. Are you?

I know quite a few of you are joining in this LIVE round of Get in Gear for the Next Tier (and OMG, I’m sooooooo excited to jam with y’all!!!) so this goes hand-in-hand with those 100 days, for me.

Early on in the 100 days, I’m going to ask you to trust me about this whole “I am enough” thing.

What we’ve learned since our very first students experienced this membership in January of 2017 is that EVERYTHING else we teach — all the tools, all the tactics, all the ninja tips that are really flippin’ badass for *finally* getting that edge you’ve been seeking in showbiz — hinges upon trusting that you, your talent, you at your very core ARE ENOUGH.

And if you’re constantly being super hard on yourself about what you might get wrong or where you may fall short or how you may screw up sometimes… you’re telling yourself you’re NOT enough.

Sure, get better at your craft. Invest in yourself. Show up and do the work. Yes, all of that. But do so from a position of power that’s ONLY available from within.

For the rest of this month at the very least, let’s choose something *other than* being hard on ourselves. Let’s treat ourselves with kindness and love and patience and the gentleness we’d show a child who is learning something for the very first time.

Because in many ways, that’s how learning happens so fully; we’re creating a safe space to do the workout.

I’m already so inspired with all you’re sharing in the pre-Day 1 spaces of the program’s course pages! Please, if you have any questions for us, let us know! All the goodies you need are in your Welcome Kit (PDF) and for those of you who’ve not yet enrolled, don’t delay!

Here’s your deadline. After this, we’re CLOSED for any new enrollment while we focus fully on the LIVE round experience!

Yes, there’s a payment plan. Yes, you can score free coaching if you enroll with a mentor (they’ll get you the details on how to qualify). Yes, we’ll have replays of all the Q&A calls, all summer long! The support is unprecedented. The community is unmatched in its joy for this journey. This experience is unlike any you’ve undertaken and the benefits to showing up for yourself will pay off for a lifetime!

That’s a promise!

THANK YOU for joining me for these 20 free trainings we’ve been jamming through as a part of SMF-mAy! We’re not finished yet!! 🙂

If you’ve not yet submitted your entry for the scholarship, there’s still time! (All the info is here.)

Phew! All right. I’m ready for the enoughness experiment of no longer being so hard on myself and that includes hitting POST on this entry and prepping to see you back at it for the next broadcast. Yay!

How will YOU start in on this experiment with me? Comments are open below! Let me hear from you!

Rock on,

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[REPLAY: Bonnie Gillespie on the power of our self-talk! ✨ Self-Management for Actors]

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  1. Sean Frost May 25, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    I am in. Sometimes I am hard on myself as a defense mechanism so that others will not be as hard on me. Far better, I think, to just be holistic Lee Street and let the chips fall where they may. If I am wrong about something, and somebody correct me on it, then take the correction gracefully and grow from it. I have found that, almost without fail, when I know what I am talking about and express that simply am plainly, people tend to listen. Very gratifying, that. When I am full of qualifications and divisions and muddying up what I’m saying in an attempt to protect myself, I have found that, almost without fail, when I know what I am talking about and express that simply and plainly, people tend to listen. They gratifying, that. Well I am full of qualifications and divisions and muddying up what I’m saying in an attempt to protect myself, I sound like somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. When I do that, I am making things hard on myself. I think the best way to be kind to myself is to be thoughtful, logical and straight with myself, straight with others, Think before I speak and trust that that is enough. In other words, be honest. Then, let the chips fall where they may.


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