“What does a life that I don’t have to recover from even look like?”

I wrote this question down as I entered my first of two years with Saturn as my time lord (4th and 5th house profection years; Saturn is in my 8th house, BTW. NBD).

I spent the month the Sun toured my 12th house really doing the work of releasing myself from prisons of my own making (and those I agreed to participate in, as a good soldier to the capitalist patriarchy). I gave my upholder a sabbatical and I took every opportunity to lean into my 6th house Pisces North Node.

What does a life I don't have to recover from even look like? Bonnie Gillespie
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Through incredibly well-timed, aligned work with Aliza Rose, Taylor Ursula, and Jennii Vo Le, I knew it was time to bring critical-degree-embodied Natalie Miller into the mix. She consistently got me thinking more creatively about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that I ever believed to be true.

My ongoing collaborations with Tracy Hess, Tara McMullin, and Rachel Lang provided beautiful “yes, and…” convos, accented by the sheer brilliance of ladydates with Tamika Simpkins, Bex Weller, and Dana Middleton to reflect back to me the growth that was (and is) happening.

As the Sun, today (along with Mercury and Mars), aligns with my natal Moon and my rising (and soon my Jupiter), I am feeling so very READY to emerge. Renewed. Replenished. No longer living a life I have to recover from.

I am forever grateful for the tools I have — both pragmatic and woo — to help me navigate this important, magical work.

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