Hello from New York!

This one is short, but the topic is a GOOD one and there’s a vid you’ll enjoy watching if you’ve ever felt frustrated by how much time is ticking away as you pursue a creative career.

I think we’ve got this whole ageism thing figured out, y’all!

It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin (at ANY age), leaning into your energy more than your chronological age, and OMG investing in yourself in ways that show the buyers exactly why *their* investment in you is such a damn good idea.

Here… watch:

Got comments? Post ’em just below *or* come on over to my Facebook page and post in the comments of the vid itself!

Excited to jam with you about this fantastic topic and all the power that exists for us old broads. 😉 Hee hee!

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Much Manhattanly love,

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