So, earlier this month when we were prepping with the participants of our SMFA Retreat in LA, one of the new ninjas mentioned that she was too early in her acting journey and felt maybe she should wait for our August retreat… or maybe even November. I told her that in nearly 20 years of doing the Self-Management for Actors work (even before it was named that), the one thing I hear more than ANYthing else is, "I wish I had found this sooner." No one is ever wishing they'd started a show bible later, gotten clear on their most castable brand tomorrow, or pushed that whole targeting a HELL YES rep thing 'til next year.

Welp, during a guided SMFA Mastermind sesh earlier this week, one of my creative entrepreneurs (this is in one of my non-actor mastermind groups) said, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today. Bon, I'm planting a tree right this second!"

Ah! I love that! Starting now is so awesome and as someone who planted a major life overhaul at the age of 46, I can tell you, I'm just glad there's a chance I get to live another 46 years as this "new me" who has all the health benefits and soul-filled resonance with these shifts I've made.

I don't ever wish I'd found #Whole30 earlier or cut out alcohol or sugar or dairy sooner. I loved every bit of the version of my life that existed before I gave myself these gifts of better health (and, hellooooo… hotter bod-ness). But I'm also incredibly glad I started as soon as I felt aligned to do so.

And that's what ties me back to today's message. 🙂

I was on a call with a private coaching client recently in which the subject of "massive miscommunications with her agent" was the topic. Yes, we've already determined this is the HELL YES rep for the current tier and believe me the eyes are on the prize of the next-tier HELL YES rep (and it's a big jump with loads of celebrating ahead), but we need just one more booking to come on the heels of this amazing momentum already heating up, so that means these communications issues have to be dealt with. And *ugh* what a pain in the ass it can be trying to communicate better with someone who says one thing yet does another.

When my glorious client talked through the various things, tactics, approaches in use — all of which are causing frustration and impatience with the process — I said, "Let's try this: Be incredibly grateful for all the lessons of communication clarity you're getting at this tier you're about to leave. Let's sit in a place of massive appreciation for these lessons with THIS rep we *all* know you're one booking away from leaving because you've already outgrown this level in every way but that… and you sure as shit don't want to take communications failure into your next tier when CAA comes and plucks you up after this next gig."


It's as if I'd handed over a present wrapped in more presents.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!" was my client's response.

As if on cue, this theme emerged in a convo in the comments of one of the massively impact-filled days of my 100-day challenge course, Get in Gear for the Next Tier (if this is something you're feeling aligned to start today, not tomorrow, have at it! 100 days to transform your relationship with your creative career… with my help).

And again, I said, "Isn't it great to get this worked out NOW so you don't have to take it with you to the next tier? I want you to think about how much gratitude you can have for this workout at a lower tier. Working out with this group of people who are demonstrating lower-tier behavior and beliefs allows you to — with gratitude — confirm you've learned the lesson of what you will NOT invite to your next-tier life and release the need to ever see this crap manifest again."

Whatever it is that's snagging you, that's got you going grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I want you to embrace it and face it with grrrrrrrratitude, right now. Because this work you're doing is preventing next-tier you from having to slog through it AGAIN (and with even more resentment, due to the fact that you — ugh — didn't get this mess fixed up the LAST time you faced it).

Ah, that's delicious!

How can you face with grrrrrrrrrratitude something that you're ready to kick to the curb?

Remember, our fears, gremlins, and inner demons get LOUDER when they know they're about to be out of a job. (Tweet that.) See their noise as a glorious indication that they're on their way OUT.

And this is the ultimate decluttering.

Phew, it feels so damn good!

Next-tier you thanks you for doing this work today.

Speaking of work your next-tier you will thank you for, at the spiritual retreat I attended a couple o' weeks ago, I got to work with a phenomenal actor-slash-light-worker named Ana. She has put out a little blog post here about her breathwork and I encourage you to give it a try, download her playlist, and walk yourself through this deceptively simple centering work.

(Members of The SMFA Vault, we will be doing a deeper dive of this work in the DOJO soon! Stay tuned for more!)

What can you start today and be grateful for having underway?

I wanna know!

Come chat in the SMFA Ninjas Facebook group, fire off a tweet my way, or just comment below!

Have a delightful (long, in the States) weekend, you glorious creatures!

Cannot wait to hear how your summer is heating up with renewed fire for your next tier!


Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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