Well, thank goodness!

You know you’re a blog addict when…
…the server is down for a few days and you find yourself STILL stopping by the site, trying to log in, checking to see if comment posting randomly starts working, etc., every chance you get.
Yeah… online fewer than two hours TOTAL over the last five days, and my “history” in Safari shows 100 reloads of MT/SpyNotebook/BonBlogs. LOL
Phew! Thanks, Chip, for getting us all up and running again before your vacation. You, as always, rock. Have fun at the convention!
Tons of news but no time to share. Much much much too much work to do right now to stop and blog properly. Please forgive me. I’ll report fully once I am able.
Oh, and a funny on which to end: how’d I know my blog was back up? I got an email notification when I started up the Chicklet at today’s stop home to pack… from some Spam Artist trying to enlarge the penis of every BonBlogs reader. Bless his multiple-blocked-IP-address little heart.

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