I’ve always given credit to Brené Brown for this question, but the internet is not helping me confirm that attribution. So, let’s just say it’s a very Brené-Brown-like question: “What are you making this mean?”

It’s super handy when anything is going on in our lives and it’s feeling a little sticky. You know:

~ I haven’t heard back since submitting my materials.
~ They just gave me “a look”.
~ I’m exhausted. Everything’s an effort right now.

Those can be sticky observations. Because they’re usually followed with sentences like:

~ They hate me. I’m talentless. I’m never gonna make it in this business.
~ See! I do look awful in this outfit. My hair is tragic. I have gotten out of shape. And everyone can see that!
~ I’m depressed. I’m sick. It’s never gonna get easier.

If between the observation and the conclusion we can insert the question, “What am I making this mean?” then that conclusion we come to has less weight. Less stickiness. Because we know, going in, it’s a CHOICE we’re making about meaning. And we can choose myriad other meanings. Like:

~ They’re busy. There are a billion other things I can do to move my career forward ’til I hear from them.
~ Oof! That kicked off some low enoughness I wasn’t aware was so acute. Okay. Where’s my Dip Kit?
~ Yes. The world is a lot right now. A. Lot. What sort of kindness could I show myself to help me recharge a bit? Without making my exhaustion bad or wrong, how could I lean into renewal?

Better, right?

So, *I* keep making the fact I really don’t WANT to send weekly BonBlasts right now mean that I’ve failed you. I’ve let you down. And of course, for that, you hate me. Even though I shared a few months back how you’ll only hear from me when it’s whole-hearted. Even though I’m still around on Instagram (at 2 accounts!) and Twitter and my texting app. Even though I hold space for hundreds of clients in various memberships, 1-on-1s, and masterminds every month. Even though I have — free, archived, searchable — more than 4 million words of showbiz advice available online. I am making the fact that I am — for now — not into weekly emails mean that I’m a really horrible person.

F that S.

How ’bout instead I make it mean that I’m on sabbatical. That I’m letting my existing body of work + the showing up I do live for my members and clients be enough right now. That everyone is fatigued and in zero need of more freakin’ email right now anyway. That I’m in a Saturn-ruled stage of my life and that’s a big ol’ minimizer in LOTS of ways. How ’bout I make it mean all that yummy stuff instead?


Much better.

cannot control what others think by elwing suong gonzalez
by Elwing Suong Gonzalez

So, I’m in your inbox to share that *and* some updates + a request for feedback, if you’re woo-curious.

I’ve updated my Events Calendar. Here’s some of what’s happening, should you want more connection ’til my next post.

The third cohort of Astrology for Creatives is enrolling NOW. This is the superfun course live course I teach with the amazing Rachel Lang. Our first of 6 weekly Zooms is next week! This is a fabulous way to learn what your birth chart is doing to help you in your creative career (and how you can take better advantage of that, from your brand identity to your use of social media to your most aligned team)! YES, you get our interpretation of YOUR chart, each week in class! Enroll by Sunday, here.

I’m now accepting applications for my entrepreneurial mastermind, JFDI with Bon. If you’re building a business and crave support, structure, and lots of fun with a small group of creative businesspeople, apply here now.

My new business — Chart Harmony — is up and running! Woo HOO! You don’t need to understand astrology; you just need Chart Harmony! These are simple rituals and remedies for bringing more balance to your love life, abundance, vitality and more! (Website; Instagram)

The brilliant rebel badass Deb Snyder hosts a monthly Zoom for actors over 50 and you are welcome to connect with her to see if joining this collective feels right. It’s Lighthouse Convos for Actors and you don’t have to be a member of Get in Gear for the Next Tier to participate. It *does* help if you’ve read Self-Management for Actors, though. 😉

Lighthouse Convos 50 Logo

Okay, so now the feedback I’d like, if you’re woo-curious and you love spending time geeking out with me on this stuff.

I’ll soon be doing another webinar. It’ll either be free or super low-cost (and free for my Aligned Advantage members). I’m choosing among three topics:

~ why it is we experience these big shifts in our energy and focus in life (y’know, like how I went from at least weekly emails for a decade to *poof* ghosting y’all) and how you can absolutely know they’re coming
~ the driving force in your life, your personality, your decision-making, all of it (it’s a team of three, at its core) and how to get these components playing for the same team instead of pushing against one another
~ a working demo of Chart Harmony — I’ll have folks from my Aligned Advantage membership in the hot seat and we’ll do live remedy-creating for easy-to-integrate rituals that will help boost specific areas in their lives

If you’re woo-curious and would want to attend any or all of these webinars, post a reply in the comments to tell me WHICH ONE is most exciting to you. That will help ME decide what to do first! (Damn Libra stellium! Making decisions is sooooooooo challenging for me.)

Okay, friends, that’s enough for this long-ass post. Please know I do think of you often. It’s just not a season of my life in which sending emails or putting up blog posts feels all that resonant for me. As always, I trust you’ll reach out when you’re feeling moved to do so. And ’til next time, keep #CreatingTheHollywoodWeWant as you continue to change the world!

Much love,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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